Isle of Irleli

Irleli is an island of lush forests, mountains rich in ore and animals never before seen.
— Adventurer recalling their first few expeditions

The Island was found by accident when a trading ship was blown off course during a heavy storm. It made landfall in order to get a more accurate reading on their position and in order to gather resources needed for the trip home. The story quickly spread and only weeks later more ships started making landfall in the southern region.

It did not take long for the three nations of Orerak, Shellin and Ulk'ren to start more organised expeditions in order to gather as much information about the place as possible, mostly to see if there are riches worth gathering.

When that did turn out to be truepeople started to flock there, creating settlements.



The peninsula in the north-west

It is surprisingly one of the less explored regions, due to the swampy ground and high amount of precipitation. It is currently unknown if there is anything worthwhile in this region, other than possible strategic advantages. These advantages are mostly in the form of the Gulf of Drenn which is relatively easy to defend and on the lee-side, so with considerably fewer waves than the western side. Other advantages are that it would be very difficult to move armies through the area, making it great for defensive positions, if it wasn't for the swampy ground.
Isle of Irleli


Mountain and hill range in the west

The area was named by an explorer who made some rough maps of the area, and they named it after the ancient mythological dragon. The main parts are the Dragons Head, containing the largest mountains and a massive empty caldera which they named Dragons Mouth, the the Dragons Spine, containing a ridge of peaks that seem particularly hard to reach, the Dragons Tail, the trailing hills east of the spine and finally the Dragons Hand to the south-west of the head, which is a regions littered with stony hills that have been seemingly broken up.
Isle of Irleli

Serrik Highlands

Lush forest hills surrounding Werri in the east

This region is full of dense rain forests and low, wide hills and is the region that is rapidly being explored.
Isle of Irleli


Region connecting the Serrik highlands in the west and the Brovern highlands in the east.

Isle of Irleli

Brovern highlands

Eastern most region

The Brovern highlands is the most well travelled region, but it is also considered the least interesting and least resource full area, which is why there are only very few people there.

Isle of Irleli