Juso-Qiga is a large greenhouse planet with little ground water, most of it is in the air. This seemingly inhospitable planet is inhabited by insect like creatures, which thrive in the low water/high heat environment.   There were two major sapient peoples, the Qiga'tck'chi and the Ti. They all lived together in symbiotic colonies. The Qiga were industrious builders and managers of resources. They had many ways of keeping food preserved and creating structures to protect themselves. The Ti on the other hand were good with the land and farming. They produced much of the food and materials that the Qiga used.


The planet itself is no longer livable, as a massive explosion during the height of the BugWar has rendered it asunder. It was once a lush world of rain-forests and sparkling clear oceans, the planet became a toxic, acid rain spewing, wasteland due to a drastic and damaging change in the way the inhabitants managed themselves. The cause of this change is still unknown, but there are a few HavocBreakers setting out to explore the planet's history.


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