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Asmir is one of the ancient gods honored by the Men of the East. She was described as the second daughter of Mardan-gur and the most beautiful of the goddesses of Calidurn.

Divine Domains

Love, fertility, mortal life

Holy Books & Codes

The Laws of the Gods

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An eight-pointed star, a cow


The Feast of the Gods, the Feast of Asmir

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Asmir desired to spread love among mortals and protect the race of mortals.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Asmir is described as a beautiful woman in her prime with bronzed skin and dark hair coursing down her back. Her eyes were a glistening blue and her teeth were like diamonds. She wore a red, two-piece dress and a crown lined with amethysts, armbands and bracelets of gold, and an emerald necklace shaped like an eagle.

Body Features

In Calidim prose, Asmir is called "Sweet, beauteous Asmir, greatest of the goddesses under only her mother Sulma. So fair to the eyes is the lady Asmir that no mortal can look upon her face for blindness. The warmth of a thousand fires glows in her eyes, filling the hearts of men with love. How fair is her form and face, which make the finest gold as like coal by comparison. May the great Asmir bless our minds and hearts with love and gladness for all our lives long!"

Special abilities

Asmir had the power to fill the hearts of mortals with feelings of love and desire and could make a man fall in love with the woman of his desire. But she was not just a love-spreading goddess. When her gift of love was rejected, she could fill the hearts of loveless mortals with fear so great they would succumb to madness. However, when a mortal felt lost and unloved, Asmir would typically grant that mortal the gift of healing or lasting youth or beauty.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

According to Calidim text, Asmir was the second daughter of Mardan-gur and Sulma and the twin brother of the Calidim war god Gishmat. Upon witnessing the creation of mortals on earth, Asmir gave humanity the gift of love and fertility, and thus humanity began to multiply on the land.

Morality & Philosophy

Asmir considered love the strongest of all emotions and believed that the mortal world was at peace when mortals bonded with one another. She enjoyed putting love in the hearts of mortals and grew angered whenever love was denied to those she favored or desired it.

Personality Characteristics


Asmir was motivated by her fondness for mortals and her desire to spread love and pleasure among them.

Virtues & Personality perks

Asmir was kind and generous to mortals and usually gave them the gifts of love and gladness. She was glad when mortals fell in love and often encouraged the other gods to seek husbands or wives. However, Asmir grew angry when mortals denied love to their neighbors and often punished them in accordance with the severity of their misdeeds.


Family Ties

The gods of Calidurn

Social Aptitude

Asmir was exceptionally sweet with her words and easily flattered gods and men alike. She enjoyed sharing her mind with the other gods of the Calidim pantheon and never spoke coldly to anyone unless she was genuinely affronted.

Divine Classification
God (Idol)
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Fairest of the Gods, Lady of Love, Lady of Healing, Conqueror of Hearts
The Kingdoms of the Sky
Current Residence
The Kingdoms of the Sky
Biological Sex
Light blue
Dark brown
Skin Tone

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