Summer Camp 2024! My first year

I’m so excited to be participating for my first time! I have so much to write lol, even after World Ember.     Change in Mirthae is just a normal part of life. Even with elves having very long lifespans, everything changes. From the restart of history, to people changing personalities, it’s hard to find anything that doesn’t change. Maybe except hatred, sometimes that stays the same. Even then, it does evolve.    
I definitely plan to reach diamond! I might do gold tho depending on work, but I should have the time for diamond. :P     I’ve already updated my categories a while ago LOL I think it’s fine.     Meta is doing A-okay though I definitely need to add some music or image inspo.    

Week Two

  In a hard working planet like Mirthae, all kinds of refuge are needed! While there are a few societies that prefer to isolate in refuge for things like hobbies, many prefer to look at community centres and look to each other for refuge!     I likely won’t have an accountability buddy, but I’ll still be sharing my progress on platforms like Discord and Reddit!     I know there’s quite a bit I need to do to improve styling! I’m honestly lost at the moment with what I want to do. Maybe I’ll hire someone to help me     I’m certainly no CSS wizard, but I’m definitely looking to see what I can update lol  

Week Three

  Belief is very important within Mirthae- between faith in myths or gods themselves, it’s key to survival when you feel like everything is at its lowest point.   Music inspiration on YouTube   Pinterest image inspiration   I honestly really don’t have anything in my inspo. XD For some reason it’s difficult to compile it all together. But my inspiration overall has stayed the same!  

Week four

  Decay is a common kind of change within Mirthae. Decay of old kingdoms, magic systems and communities happens during times of great peril.   I had a space originally to write, but it became cluttered. I plan to clean it up! I don’t normally drink tea, but I definitely plan to drink it during the month. I have some delicious orange hibiscus tea I haven’t had in a while! And with my new job, I only work 17 hours a week, so it leaves me plenty of time to work on my prompts!   I’ve actually been considering fixing it up a bit. I got a bit done, but I might include a nice drawing!   My page seems fine but I’ll fix it up as I go!

Cover image: by ArtisticArmoury


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Jun 3, 2024 17:45 by Nimin N

Always fun to see new people joining Summer Camp! Hope you have a great time on your journey to shiny diamond!

Jun 9, 2024 15:20 by Elspeth

Hope you enjoy your first Summer Camp! Good luck reaching your goal.