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Character Creation

Werewolf or Vampire, the Fangfinder RPG is built to make a World of Darkness character you want to play. When you create your character, you follow a few pretty simple steps:

Step 1: Background

You start by creating your character’s concept. Come up with a short, two to three word description of your character. This could include some career, like in “Ambitious Author”. Then you should select your faction. While for mortals this may be a company or political party, for the supernatural this is more important.

Demon: Choose Faction & House
Mage: Choose Tradition & Order
Vampire: Choose Clan & Sect within that step
Werewolf: Choose Breed, Auspice and Tribe

Step 2: Select Attributes

Attributes are the innate potential of your character. They are divided into three categories, physical, mental and social. Prioritise the categories and assign the points (20/16/12) within that category. Remember that you gain 8 points per attribute for free.

Apply the Attribute changes based on your choice of faction from step one.

No Attribute can have a score higher than 18 at this point.

Calculate your Attribute modifiers by subtracting 10 from your total attribute and divide the remaining points by two.

Step 3: Select Skills

Like attributes, your skills are divided into three categories. They reflect what your character has learned so far. Prioritise your categories and assign your skill points (11/7/4) to the skills. You will get no free points here, and no skill can be of a higher rank than three at this point.

Step 4: Select Focus

Your focus reflects the major field of interest of your character before the chronicle began. It grants you a certain number of focus skills (Class Skills), your first Base Attack Bonus, and several other features. Keep in mind that you focus can’t change!

Step 5: Add your Template

If you are playing a supernatural character, there are other changes to make. Which exactly these are, you can see in the respective article.

Step 6: Determine Advantages

Determine your Advantages and fill them into your character sheet.

Defence: The lower modifier of Dexterity and Wits
Hit Points: Maximum of your Hit Die + Stamina Modifier
Initiative: Dexterity Modifier + Composure Modifier
Speed: Strength Modifier + Dexterity Modifier + 30 Feet/Turn
Morality: Starts at 7
Willpower: Resolve Modifier + Composure Modifier
Wealth: 2d4 + Wits Modifier

Most of these Advantages can’t be increased with experience, but they will increase when you improve their parent stats.

Step 7: Traits

To finish your character creation, spend 70 Points into traits. Some traits have multiple ranks, so you can purchase them more than once. You are not allowed to have the fifth rank in a trait at character creation. Once you are satisfied with your character, you can finish up and fill in the name of the chronicle on your character sheet.

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Experienced Characters

In order to create more experienced characters, the DM can award a certain number of experience points before the game starts.

How many experience points depends on what kind of supernatural being will be played. The exact details are noted in the respective templates.

For mortal characters and Hunters:

  • Seasoned: 350 XP
  • Expert: 750 XP
  • Heroic: 1000 XP

Experience Cost

  • Attribute: New Level x50
  • Skill: New Rank x30
  • New Class Skill: 30
  • Trait: New Rank x20
  • Moralty: New Rank x30
  • BAB: Current Rank x30
  • Base Saves: Current Rank x30

You have to buy each rank separately. So if you want to increase a skill from rank 3 to rank 5, you have to buy rank 4 and rank 5 at the respective cost.

The costs to improve abilities derived from your supernatural template are described there.

Supernatural Templates


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