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Worm farmer



A farmer needs to have a good knowledge of the large worms. The animals can be deadly if not treated properly. The farmers are usually Dwarves and Human.

Career Progression

When miners are not instantly Worm farmers, because it is a dangerous profession. They needed to be trained to be a farmer.   This training is not for everybody. So they needed to apply for it. Then they go for a 3-year education, not everybody comes out on the other side. Not because they died, but they discovered that this profession was not for them. It is pretty rare that one class graduates with the same members as they started 3 year before. This education contains lessons and apprenticeships.   After that they are placed inside a farm that will have them, again not everybody gets chosen. But this those not mean that their education goes to waste. The once that are not chosen are documented farmers and will get on a resever list. When there is a spot open on one of the farms, or a farmer gets sick or wounded they are the first to be called in.

Payment & Reimbursement

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Besides the pay-out every farmer gets free health care, this because injuries on the job is not a possibility, it is a grantee. So the farmers do not have to worry about hospital bills.



The purpose of the farmers is to take care of the worms. Take care means cleaning up after them and, making sure they are healthy. The worms eat stone and secrete cement paste. Which is used to repair the tunnels the worms make. The repairing of the tunnels is also part of the farmers job.

Social Status

They are seen as crazy, but they are also excepted. Many people know that this is a dangerous job and that injuries happen.


This profession was not as large in the Era of Fear. When the Crystal Gollums made the job even more dangerous than it already is. The prospect of never coming up again was high prospect. So they didn't bring other creatures inside the mine. Not even to make their job easier.   After the Era of Fear came the Era of war, brother turned against brother. This era didn't play a large role in the underground part of the world. So this is when the Dwarves and some Humans started to farm the worms. To make their job easier, the Black worm was the first one to be used. This because the demand of metal, was high. And specially very pure metal.   Later the other subspecies were used as well. When the underground part of Mirror world became its own kingdom with its own Dragon King, in the beginning of the Era of the Dragon Lords. Dragons were added to the mix of workers. Only they were not very keen on the hard work.



Farmers are using metal poles, to guide the animals. Never, ever use it to hit the animal. When this happens the farmer that those it is fired on the spot and kicked out the Miners guild.   The farmers using wheelbarrows with a motor for the cement paste, and lanterns so that they can see where they are walking.


The farmers working with the rest of the Miners guild in the mines.

Dangers & Hazards

The greatest hazard is the fact that the worms are blind and have sharp teeth. They need those teeth to cut throw massive stone/ rock. So it is not that strange that most of the injuries are from the worm biting the farmer. Not on purpose of course, but they are blind. They have a great sense of smell, but after a whole day in the mine smells get confusing.

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This profession is very specific, but like with in the Miners guild. The majority are dwarves. This is because this race is a majority inside the underground kingdom Ducruria . But they have dragons and humans in the guild and in this profession as well.      


The farmers are paid,  
Normal work day
100% pay out (each day)   175 ea (Electrum Acorns)   200 ga (Gold Acorns)  
Sick day
70% pay out (each day)   122 ea (Electrum Acorns)   140 ga (Gold Acorns)  
Vacation/ absent days
90% pay out (each day)   157 ea (Electrum Acorns)   180 ga (Gold Acorns)     Absent days are when you are absent for a longer period, like maternity leave, when injured on the job.


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This profession is legal inside the kingdom of Ducruria . The profession is created to make mining metals easier. However, like with the metal poles there are rules.   The most important one is never to farm on your own. This is because of the high risk of getting injured. In the past people have died, when they were stubborn enough to ignore this rule. When it is discovered that a farmer ignored it, they are fired. If not dead/ injured.    

The type of worms


Red Worm description

Red worms are large animals that life inside mine shafts that have copper veins. They do not eat the copper, no dwarves use them to get to the veins without too much digging. They eat the rest of the rock surrounding the copper.  

Silver Worm description

The Silver worms are like the Red worms, large animals. They like the Red worm they are blind. But instead of living in the mine shafts with copper, they live in the shafts with silver veins.  

Gold Worm description

This another subspecies of the worm. They live in the mine shafts with gold veins. Just like the Red and the Silver worms they are used to getting the gold out of the vein without damaging the rest of the shaft too much.  

Brown worm description

Yet another subspecies of the worm. They live inside mine shafts with brass and bronze veins. Yes this subspecies can find two types of metal instead of one.    

Black worm description

Black worms are used to get the metals that the other worms will not get. The miners of the Miners guild, are loving this worm. But maybe that is only the Dwarf side of the guild.

Cover image: by Darkmoon_Art


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