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Session 8 Notes

General Summary

The Mines, yet again - World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Lamlar (8th Day)

  • Explore the south passage, find nothing
  • Explore the west passage, find where the skeletons where, nothing else
  • Party asked by Baeshra if he could lead with the lantern with light exposed
  • Roth asked is anyone had a magical means of silent communication, no one said anything
  • Baeshra lead the way forward and we descended to the next level of the mine
  • When we go to the mine shaft, Roth flipped the black game piece to pick a direction, we head south
  • Heading south, the party finds some skeletons (3) which they defeated
  • Afterwards, Baeshra advanced to where the skeletons came from and called out “will o wisp”… Roth has heard of them before, undead and very fast (that’s about it)
  • Baeshra is in front, in large form, and the party was able to defeat the creature
  • Party explores the chambers and finds one empty, and then the party goes past a door and see Baeshra in wolf form chewing on something
  • Find two bodies, one of which Baeshra is chewing on (which look more recently deceased than the miners they found at the entrance to the mine)
  • They find a bag with ruins (inside are 9 gp and a potion)
  • while chewing/shaking, Baeshra wiggles loose a necklace, which goes flying, Roth snatches it out of the air (Periapt of Health)
  • party finds a few bedrolls, playing card, and an old compass.
  • Party Takes a long rest, during the rest Roth examines the bag (Bag of Holding), once turned inside out, the bag reveals:
    1. 11 platinum
    2. 7 silver
    3. 3 copper
    4. 3 potions of the same color (standard healing potions)
    5. 3 daggers
    6. book of Fairy Tales (in common)
  • Roth reads the fairy tales while on watch (they are very moralistic)
  • The next morning, Baeshra casts detect magic, the necklace, compass and bag are magic, the daggers and the book are not.
  • After trial and error the party finds that the compass points towards gems/jewels (or if none are there, slowly rotates around)
  • Merry keeps the compass, stating it will be useful

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
05 Apr 2018
Primary Location
Brell Island Ruby Mine

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