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Session 6 Notes

General Summary

Caves and Shipwrecked - World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Lamlar (8th Day)

  • Night is uneventful and the party wakes rested in the former pirate/smugger's cave
  • Roth offers flask to Merry (Gin, she was not pleased)
  • Roth then examines the very elegant and elaborately filigreed sword of the Captain, which has a stylized lotus pattern near the hand guard
  • Scarlett, who was a blacksmith, recognizes the pattern of this custom sword, likely from Waterhaven in Alson, the dukedom on the north eastern part of the world
  • Roth asks Scarlett to thrown the sword far into the water, which she does
  • The group then disposes of the bodies in the water
  • The group then heads through a fissure at the back of the cave, with Baeshra leading, holding a hooded lantern
  • Large cavern ahead, glowing blue light (moss)
  • Second large cavern beyond that, with entrance to mine/slight area of worked stone
  • There is a ghost at the entrance/area, who tells the party of un-dead in the mine, and they were fleeing from it when they died
  • Party asks Fiske to lay the spirit of the ghost to rest, which he does
  • Rummage through slight cave in, find bodies, strange disk with arcane ruins, and large uncut rubt
  • Continue to wander around the level, finding a mine shaft leading down, several tunnels (which they explore to find uncut rubies, and bag containing 26 gp)
  • Baeshra turns into a giant spider and carries the party down the mine shaft 1 level, even through the shaft goes further down
  • The next level down has a landing area with tunnels off in the 4 main directions, one on each wall, with the shaft in the center
  • Roth examines the south tunnel and find a triangular room with 1 ruby and tunnel leading down
  • Roth returns to main room, on the way ignores a side tunnel, and find 1 fake ruby
  • The party, off another passage, examine a wooden door behind which they find 6 bedrolls, 1 ruby, and 14 gp
  • While exploring the rest of the level, giant worms come out of the wall and attack Fiske
  • Roth sees a second worm, and the party fights and defeats both worms
  • The party then retreats to the room with the 6 bedrolls to short rest

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
08 Mar 2018
Primary Location
Brell Island

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