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Session 50 - Jan 2, 2020 Report

General Summary

World Date, Fall, Third Moon, Rualar (15th Day)

  • The party is at Korfel's looking at the new magical items. Roth buys the Helm of Comprehend Languages for 800g.
  • Korfel says that he has had communication from the tattoo artist, who works on the ship, The Fancy Mallard, and will be in dock in Benroth in a day or two.
  • Ari, Merry, Scarlett head to the Dizzy Monkey to look for gig for the night. The owner of the shop does not have anything booked for the night that needs more musicians, but a pick up band plays at Secluded Garden Inn - Middle Class for tips in the evening. Ari was asked to speak with the owner, a Silver Dragonborn named Asnoth to take the job.
  • Roth returns to the house with Baeshra. Roth works on Dragonic with his Olly and Baeshra begins to read a book from the library, a travel log of ship to the Dragonborn part of Miross.
  • Merry and Ari play music on the street, earning 9 gold each.
  • The whole party has dinner at the house, and Judith speaks about possible retaining her services and asking about room arrangements.
  • Ari goes to The Secluded Garden, hears someone complaining about the price of eggs, and other gossip, plays for the night, gets 2 gold. She then sees Scarlett and they go home together.
  • Roth goes for a drink at The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class and sits down next to Cpt Brenda. They chat about the books in Elvin books, sold to the university bookstore, owner a gnome named Merlen.
  • Cpt Brenda tells of an odd purple rain on the way to Benroth, and she then pays for their drinks. Roth then offers to buy the next round, and Cpt Brenda suggest a place to drink and dance, the Groggy Dolphin. Dive bar, good bad, Roth did not dance well, and then the two retire to Cpt Brenda's room at the Wandering Ways for part of the night, and then Roth returns to the house.
  • Scarlett reads cooking books, gets bored and attempts to follow a black cat with mixed results, and then heads over The Secluded Garden for drinks and company.
  • Scarlett makes a friend in a middle ages very talkative woman, Samantha, who talked her ear off all night, and bought her mead. At closing she went back to the house with Ari.
  • Merry wanders around drinking and listening to rumors, including a missing cat worth 20 gold. And a rumor of spiders in an area where herbs are usually collected.
  • Baeshra stays home and reads all night. When Merry returns, she tells Baeshra about the giant spiders, and asks he if would to hunt them. He is not interested in hunting giant spiders, but reminds Merry he can turn into one.
  • Roth gets back around 3:30 am and goes to bed after sending Olly to pet space, asking her to focus on staying invisible.
World Date, Fall, Third Moon, Lafael (16th Day)
  • At breakfast, Ari aks Judith about the eggs, and tells Judith they will keep her on as a housekeeper. Then Merry and Baeshra tell Judith that Baeshra is really a giant chicken, Baeshra pulls out the unknown egg, and Judith is very confused.
  • Roth pops an invisible Olly back from pet space, and lets Olly go fly around the dock and stretch her wings for an hour.
  • Ari and Roth goes to Korfel, asking if the magical tattoo person has arrived yet. They have not.
  • Scarlett, Merry, and Baeshra go to the docks to look for the boat, The Fancy Mallard. Baeshra sees the boat just approaching the dock, so likely no one will be free until end of day or next day. Those 3 then meet the rest of the party at Korfel's shop, The Voddoo Doll - Magic Shop
  • While Korfel is working on enchanting spell scrolls, and Baeshra is asking about an item that will allow him to see in the dark. Korfel mentions that there is a set of googles that will help, but it will be about 3 months before he can have them complete.
  • Korfel asks the party to come back tomorrow to meet the tattoo artist and get a rundown of all the items and costs associated with the tattoos.
  • Ari heads to the Thieves Guild Office - The Crooked Quill and meets the gives the references and then gets a quick run down on how things are done. After Ari gets the rundown of how the guild runs in this town, she goes back to town.
  • The rest of the party goes to the house and spends a quiet day at home.
World Date, Fall, Third Moon, Fisro (17th Day)
  • The party then heads to Korfel's first thing the next morning, and see the lights on, but a closed sign. The party knocks and Korfel lets them in.
  • They meet the tattoo artist, a female gnome, named Fenna, who has a beautiful sleeve tattoos and many ribbons in her hair of multiple colors. She has a cup of tea with Korfel and answers the party's questions about the tattoos. It cost 2200 g per tattoo (attribute enchance), 5000 g for resistance, and 2000 g for magical proficiency and 50 g per hour of her time. The magical +2 (to stats) caps out at 20 and you cannot get more than 1 tattoo. The tattoo usually takes 4-5 hours.
  • The stats are as follows :
    1. 2,200gp ruby dust +2 Strength
    2. 2,200gp emerald dust + 2 Dexterity
    3. 2,200gp diamond dust + 2 Constitution
    4. 2,200gp pearl + 2 Charisma
    5. 2,200gp jade +2 Wisdom
    6. 2,200gp Sapphire +2 Intelligence
    7. 5,000gp fire opal dust - fire resistance
    8. 5,000gp black sapphire dust - cold resist
    9. 2,000gp for blue amber for arcane proficency
  • Scarlett is delighted at all the sea creatures in Fenna's tattoos, and thinks about showing off the sea creatures in her collection, but decided against showing off the magical item she has.
  • Fenna does not want the entire party to stay during the tattoo process, but suggests they stop by and see Korfel tomorrow. Fenna is in town for 3-4 days and then gone around the bay of song for approximately 2-3 weeks.
  • The party goes to the adventures guild to check on jobs and see the missing cat (left paws orange right paws white) cat is calico, named "Princess" and likely female. 20 gold to return alive and a job for very fancy mushrooms, 50 gold a pound, and found in deep caves along water routes.
  • Merry goes to speak with the receptionist, Otto about possible jobs. Merry asks about the funds for the water job and is told "any day now" and then asks about the egg shortage. With a 30 persuasion role, Otto will give them the job first, 500 gold to resolve the issue, but they only have 4 days.
  • The party heads to the farmers market and meets Rune, who has a cart, and tells them the area where the eggs are going missing is only about 2-3 hour walk. Rune says that he could give them a ride, but it will take about the same time as walking.
  • The party then walks to Kotssa and start investigating the missing eggs. They find a tavern/restaurant called the Friendly Fowl and meet the bartender, Brad. Who talks about the issues with the eggs.
  • Brad gets Rune, the elder farmer who walks the party through the 5 hen houses, the 1 gain silo and the options they have tried. There is no magic on any of the silos, hen houses, grain, etc. The party does not see any way that an animal could burrow in from around the outside. Scarlett casts speak with animals and learns that chickens are dumb and do not know what is happening.
  • Merry casts the Tiny Hut spell in the hen house, taking in her and a few hens and then waits to see what happens at night. Ari sets up on a hen house roof near the grain silo, as does Roth.

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
03 Jan 2020

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