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Session 5 Notes

General Summary

Shipwrecked on Brell Island - World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Duael (7th Day)

  • The party explores the beach of this small enclosed beach, with very tall cliffs and no clear path or means to get to the top of the cliff
  • While resting, some of the party spot an illusion which covers part of the cliff, upon closer inspection, the illusion covers a small path up to a cave about 20 ft above the shore line
  • Roth stealthy approaches the cave mouth, and detects no traps, so he enters to find crates, barrels, a few chairs, a table, and other items that a smuggler's cave would contain
  • Pirates were waiting to ambush the party, and the two half-elf wizards where killed first
  • The party then engages with the Captain, whose first words were "Not you AGAIN!"
  • Roth takes significant damage, and Merry heals him with her tail
  • Baeshra transforms into a giant dire wolf, and the party is able to kill all the crew, and knock the Captain unconscious so they can question her
  • The find the following items in the cave:
    1. Short bow and quiver with 12 arrows
    2. 2 Cutlasses
    3. 5 daggers
    4. Captain's nice jacket and boots, Varis/Roth took boots (magical), Fiske took arms off and wears the coat like a long vest/coat (not magical)
    5. Messengar Bag with papers, 75 gp, 2 diamonds (each worth 50gp),flask of tequilla (magical, 1 gallon recharges noon/midnight), a spyglass and a compass
    6. 10 gp
    7. 12 days of food and water
    8. blank parchment
    9. Fruit (rotten)
    10. 2 bed rolls, dirty/damp
    11. Journal of Elric in Elvish (Merry takes, gives to Varis/Roth)
  • Baeshra takes the bones of the pirates and makes bone darts
  • At this time, it is afternoon, and Roth is pleased to find the flask is now Rum
  • Questioned the captain:
    1. The flask is magical the refills with a different liquor at noon and midnight
    2. The Captain was contracted to pick up "extra" cargo, the party this time, ans she was paid a lot extra for this
    3. The ship was going from Resonata to the Orc capital city, where the party would have been sold as slaves
    4. The 2nd Mate, Rosanne "The Mermaid" Jones had a contact in port authority office, would meet him at 4th bell, all the Captain know is he is 5'10", clean hands, educated accent
    5. Appears not to be lying
    6. They are on the Island of Brell, where there is one small village, Adelen
  • Roth then cuts off her head, despite the protests and ideas of the rest of the party to let her go
  • Roth was attacked by Fiske, (failed) afterward Roth tripped him. There was some discussion, and Fiske readied his harpoon, so Roth cast chill touch on the harpoon, then goes back to looking at loot
  • Going through all the papers, find a map of the Bay of Songs

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
01 Mar 2018
Primary Location
Brell Island

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