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Session 49 - Dec 19th, 2019 Report

General Summary

World Date, Fall, Third Moon, Ruamil (9th Day)

  • Roth, Scarlett, and Ari are with the owl bear, leading it towards the hill giant home, which Olly saw from the air (about 4 hours away)
  • Baeshra, as a horse, rides up with Merry on his back and a two dressed deer, one buck and one doe, Baeshra keeps the bucks antlers.
  • Ari takes a few pieces of raw venison and Roth mage hands it to the owl bear. The owl bear eats a little and the mage hand holds out little pieces of meat to get the owl bear to go in the correct direction.
  • About 1 hour after that, the owl bear stops, and sits down with its back to the tree, around noon, and Merry plays some music while the rest of the party gets a fire/roasting pit set up and gets the deer on a spit.
  • The owl bear sleeps for 3 hours while the deer roasts. The party rests and Merry and Roth keep a hand/keep petting or scritching the bear.
  • Ari takes a small piece of the roasted meat off, and Roth mage hands the piece in front of the bear. The owl bear realizes there is a huge deer on a spit, and ignores the small piece in favor of the whole deer.
  • Baeshra picks up the spit and heads towards the hill giant base. The bear follows at a walking pace, but is not inclined to run or move more quickly.
  • The owl bear will follow the party for another 2 ish hours, getting closer to the cave and darkness falls.
  • As they get closer to the cave, Roth casts comprehend language so that he can understand giant.
  • When the owl bear gets closer, he runs inside the cave, with Roth hearing the excited chatter of two children. Merry plays a loud tune and Ari casts dancing lights. A large hill giant comes outside, thanking the party for the return of the owl bear, and motioning to the outside of the cave. He goes inside and returns with the magical item that was promised.
  • Merry goes inside for a brief performance, doing very well, and playing some elven songs and some children's songs as well. They offer come jerky and a giant button for her song.
  • The party sleeps outside that night in the Tiny Hut, with nothing happening during the night.
World Date, Fall, Third Moon, Ruanae (10th Day)
  • The party wakes up the next morning, and the owl bear and a young giant girl come outside to say goodbye. The owl bear is now on a very strong leash.
  • The party realizes there is a path back to Elm Grove that the giants likely use as a trade route. The party searches for fox glove around the way and finds about a pound between Ari, Black Poison, Scarlett, Roth and Baeshra.
  • Ari pulls a small owl out of the bag of tricks, and the party makes it to the town of Elm Grove and has lunch at The Happy Tree, a leek and potato soup. The party retells their adventure to Fredrick, who is entranced.
  • The party then heads down river towards the odd water current area.
  • Olly then causes a little mischief, which Merry covers for as she casts a spell, and Ari and Scarlett thinks that they saw something, but was not sure.
  • The party finds another 1 lb of fox glove to complete the 3rd quest on the way down river.
World Date, Fall, Third Moon, Rubrar (11th Day)
  • Party travels all day, no real issues, at night as they are setting up camp, they see a barge float by going upriver.
World Date, Fall, Third Moon, Ruaoth (12th Day)
  • The party reaches the spot in the river where the issue was reported. After searching the area and tree, the party does not see anything magical or rune related. The water then starts to behave oddly.
  • Ari and Merry then cast Area of Effect spells at various parts of the water, trying to see if there is a creature in the water. Lots of fish died and were eventually lunch.
  • Merry plays the pipes of haunting and fails. Baeshra and Roth then see a shiny bracelet of some kind in the water. The creature is attacked then comes up to the edge, trying to attack Ari, who cast suggestions on it, and it fails.
  • The creature then tries to drag Ari underwater while being hit with various spells and attacks. Ari gets away and back to shore, and the party kills the creature, while Baeshra dives into the water, grabs the bracelet and becomes a giant turtle.
  • Baeshra then gets out of the water and drops the bracelet in the bag of holding that Roth has. Baeshra does not want it out near the water or identified near the water.
  • The party then takes a short rest to recover and eat the fish, then heads down the road to Benroth. They pass a party of traders going upriver, and Merry asks about items for sale (nothing the party wants) and any gossip (possible snow in the next few days). They see the mark of the merchant's guild on the cart.
  • They stop for the night and rests, nothing happens.
World Date, Fall, Third Moon, Ruavan (13th Day)
  • The party travels all day and it starts to rain in the afternoon. They are all cold and wet when they stop for the night.
  • Nothing interesting happens at night.
World Date, Fall, Third Moon, Ruanes (14th Day)
  • The party summons their elephant steed and travels the last 2 days in about 7 hours, with Baeshra as a cat, and Roth flying for the 1 hour while Baeshra rests.
  • The party dismisses the elephant and goes into town after a check point at the main gate. The deed to the house helps get them in with no issues.
  • As they go in, Baeshra sees a man in a felt hat with a feather (Johrn) who Merry casts suggstions on, and he is their new best friend, gave Baeshra the hat, (He took his hood down in public, yet after dark). The party then ate dinner at the The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class with their new friend.
  • Roth notices a ship the Montrose is at port, and during dinner he notices Cpt Brenda McShields come down and quietly sit at the bar.
  • After dinner, Merry and Baeshra head back to the house and Roth thinks he has plans, so he excuses himself. Scarlett then notices Cpt Brenda and runs over to hug her. At that time Roth decided to head home, and he and Ari head back to the house. Scarlett and Cpt Brenad have a few drinks and chat.
  • Merry and Baeshra get back to the house and greeted by Judith, who confirms meals for the next day, asks Baeshra for 10 gold for the goats and another 20 gold to change rooms. Baeshra is not sure, about the gold, trying to get Roth to pay, and Merry is having none of that.
  • Baeshra then decided to not get goats and think about the cost of room changing for the next day. During that conversation Ari and Roth arrive. Roth asks for a pitcher of beer and 2 glass in the upstairs sitting room.
  • Merry and Baeshra go to bed, and Ari is trying to figure out what is going on with Roth and the two glasses of beer.
  • Ari casts invisibility and is not as stealthy as she thinks, with Roth hearing something, then throwing a few copper down the hall to try and figure out who/what it is. Roth then casts darkness on his dagger, gathers the drinks and book and retires to his room.
  • Scarlett invites Cpt Brenda to the house later tomorrow to visit them and hang out. She then returns home and the party sleeps for the night.
World Date, Fall, Third Moon, Rualar (15th Day)
  • The party gets up and enjoys a nice breakfast in the house, with Judith getting a headcount for dinner.
  • The party then goes to the Adventures Guild and sees Otto the desk person, to confirm the owl bear quest, and get confirmation on the water issue, and he will send a note to the house after the merchant guild confirms the issue was resolved.
  • Merry then gets ready to turn in the fox glove, but wants to know where the herbs are going. Otto tells her that the local herbalist guild requested the plant, and Merry then allows the sale.
  • The party heads to the magical university to look at getting the bracelet identified, but Korfel stops them along the way, as he has a few new magical items in stock.
  • Korfel then allows the party to use a small crafting room that was protected for creation of magical items. Ari casts identify and realizes the bracelet is cursed "The Cuff of the Mad Dervish" and it causes the water weird to "dance" for 15 mins every hour, causing the odd water patterns.
  • Korfel then reviews the items that are new to stock
    1. Frost Brand Long sword - 8,000 gold
    2. Helm of Comprehend Language - 800 gold
    3. Ring of Resistance - Necrotic - 6,000 gold
    4. Broach of Shielding - 575 gold
    5. Scroll of Reduce/Enlarge - 200 gold
    6. Scroll of Phantom Steed - 225 gold
    7. Scroll of Hypnotic Pattern - 175 gold

Rewards Granted

Gauntlets of Ogre Power 40 gold for foxglove 5/8 lb of leftover foxglove

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
20 Dec 2019

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