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Session 48 - Dec 5, 2019 Report

General Summary

World Date Fall, Third Moon, Duro (4th Day)

  • The party finishes dinner in their new house, and the housekeeper, Judith, gives them a brief explanation of her fees (15g for wages and food), services, what she does around the house and any additional information that the party thinks she should know, including traveling out of town, and how long they will be gone before she should report them missing (1 month).
  • Baeshra notices something odd in the fabric of Roth's hood, but does not say anything at dinner. He also requests a pair of breeding goats for the backyard. The party then picks who sleeps where, Ari taking the big master suite of rooms on the second floor with Scarlett also on the second fllor, Roth, Baeshra and Merry on the third floor.
  • There is discussion about turning the 3rd floor main area into a training room.
World Date Fall, Third Moon, Duama (5th day)
  • The party has breakfast and goes to the tailor that Mage Magnabrew recommended, The Legacy Design, run by Andrea, a human middle aged man who worked to get the party in appropriate clothes for the opening of the Winter Court. The party has to prestidigitation Baeshra on the way to clean him up.
  • At the tailor, Ari brings out her spider silk and commissions a dress made of it (25 g), and the tailor Andrea is very impressed with the fabric, never having seen such a large piece before.
  • Scarlett also commissions a dress with a sapphire on the front and bell sleeves with lots of embroidery (35g). Both Merry and Roth opt for simple pants, a nice shirt and a tailored vest in very nice materials, though more plain (10 and 11 g).
  • Baeshra was unhappy and did not understand why he needed a new robe, so Roth just bought him a nice green mage robe and put it in the bag of holdings. (8g) After trying to make Baeshra understand court with the words "ceremony" and "people in power" he started rummaging through small bones with the tailor was taking measurements.
  • While Roth and Merry were being measured, Ari and Scarlett go over to the The Opal Moon - Jewlery Store to commission matching jewelry for the dresses. Ari gives the owner of the store 3 sapphires to make a necklace and buys some ready made sapphire earrings (25 g). Scarlett gives the owner 2 sapphires, 1 for a headpiece with the center jewel and 1 to be split into earrings, she also ordered a filigree silver necklace (40g)
  • The party returns to the house for lunch, where Judith has prepared some bread and cheese, and gave you a price on 2 goats, which was 10 gold.
  • Baeshra went outside and started casting Plant Growth, which would take 8 hours, so he was busy all afternoon.
  • Merry went around to play and listen for rumors, she heard about the river being difficult to travel at this time, and earned a little money.
  • Roth, Scarlett and Ari went to the The Magical University & Library to learn about Undercommon (finding a teacher for the language) as well as selling the siren head to Mage Magmabrew. The siren head is sold for 250 gold and the group heads to the library to ask about language. The head librarian, Julia, has not hear of Undercommon, but can ask around and let the party know if she hears anything.
  • On the way back to the house, Scarlett, Ari and Roth stop by the adventures guild and check out the job postings. They see 4 options:
    1. Find a lady's lost pet cat (10g)
    2. Investigate and fix the odd river patterns (150g)
    3. Gather 2 lbs of foxglove stems/leaves/flowers (40g)
    4. Hill giant has a missing owlbear 4-5 days upriver, bring it home unhurt and their is a magical item reward.
  • The party eats dinner, and lets Judith know they may be gone a week or more, and then they go seperate ways. Merry reads her book in undercommon, Ari goes to the tavern Secluded Garden Inn - Middle Class and Scarlett wandered around the house, basement and explored.
  • After 8 hours of casting Baeshra had a late dinner and found Roth in the library with a beer. He is telepathically learning Draconic from Olly. Baeshra mentions that he saw something in Roth's hood the other night, so Roth brings out Olly to meet Baeshra. Olly and Baeshra and Black Poision chat in Draconic, with Olly telepathically translating for Roth. Baeshra wants to go hunting
  • The party then long rests, with only Olly being know to Baeshra.
World Date Fall, Third Moon, Dular (6th Day)
  • The morning the entire party eats a quick breakfast and then goes to the Adventures Guild where they go to see about taking 2 quests.
  • The go inside and are meet by Frida, who give "The tribe of tales" the two quests, 1 to find the owlbear and 1 to figure out the odd water currents. They are given 2 weeks to complete the quests, or they will be given to other people. Payment will be made after the water issue can be resolved by the shipping merchants, and the owl bear owner will pay the party as soon as the pet is returned.
  • After much discussion, it is decided to use the magical elephant, Gertrude, to take the 4 people and Baeshra in cat form for 3 hours at a time. After the 3 hours are up, Baeshra would use the boots of flying to fly for an hour, being towed behind the elephant. To give Baeshra a break, Roth took some time flying with his cloak behind the elephant.
  • Gertrude can in theory go 8 miles an hour for 24 hour, so at top speed 192 miles, due to some towing weight, she only made it 120 miles this 24 hours, with the party being very tired, but made great time.
  • The party passes a bend with a large willow tree, which is the marker for where the water currents have been behaving oddly, but do not stop (3-4 days or 90 ish miles upriver)
World Date, Fall, Third Moon, Duael (7th Day)
  • The party did not get any long rest, and so when Gertrude goes back to elephant form at 9 am ish, the party then decides to take a long rest to avoid exhaustion.
  • Merry cast Tiny Hut, and the whole party rests throughout the day. After the rest is over, it is 6 pm at night and dark.
  • Baeshra cast darkvision and goes fishing, catching 3 trout for dinner. Roth then tries to find something else to eat, and see 2 small gray foxes in the distance. He is able to kill both, taking the pelts, a vial of fox blood, and the bones and storing them in the bag of holding.
  • Baeshra and Merry each find 1/8 of a lb of foxglove.
  • The party does not want to travel again at night, so they make camp their again, planning to get up early the next morning to continue on the way.
World Date, Fall, Third Moon, Lamlar (8th Day)
  • The party walks all day and gets to Elm Grove late afternoon, with daylight fading. They do not find any trading boats docked, and so they go to the local inn, The Happy Tree.
  • On the walk Baeshra finds 1/8 of a lb of foxglove.
  • After talking to the owner of The Happy Tree, Fredrick, they purchase a round of drinks (ale) some deer jerky (the owlbear's favorite treat), try to find some hunters (who are all still out), and get more information on the hill giants and owl bear. Where the giants live, how they found out the pet was missing, etc
  • The party decides to keep looking for the owlbear, even though it is getting dark very soon.
  • The party is trying to be very stealthy and Roth rolls a 40 stealth.
  • The familiar (black poison) found a clearing about 6-7 miles outside of town which seems like the local watering hole for wild life.
  • The party walks to the watering hole and arrives after dark. So Merry casts the hut, Ari remembers owl bears are active and dawn and dust. Roth spots an odd bear/owl track at the water. Baeshra thinks it is the owlbear track.
  • The party then rests for the night. During 4th watch at dawn, Roth spots an owlbear in a collar.
World Date, Fall, Third Moon, Ruamil (9th Day)
  • Roth wakes the rest of the party quietly as the owl bear goes to get some water.
  • Roth throws all the deer jerky at the owlbear (outside the hut). Owlbear happily starts eating the treat. Baeshra attempts to grapple the owlbear and fails and the owlbear is confused at what Baeshra is doing. Roth uses his glove to latch onto the owl bear's collar and Merry uses unseen servant to tie a rope to the collar. Ari tries to cast suggestion and fails.
  • Baeshra also casts Lesser Restoration to make sure the owlbear is healthy, and Roth rolls a high animal handling, so the owlbear likes him and enjoys getting pets.
  • Owlbear eats all the jerky, so Ari casts a spell that make a stick smell like jerky and Roth's familar Olly, flies up to get directions on where the hill giant town is. Scarlett, Roth and Ari, lead the owlbear by the collar towards the hill giant town, about 4-6 hours away.
  • Merry and Baeshra are able to use Black Poison to find deer about 3 miles away, and run to kill a deer and then meet up with the party later. They kill 2 deer, field dress, and then Merry Dimension Door's the two of them closer. About an hour and half has gone by.
  • During this time Roth rolls another amazing animal handling check, feeds the owlbear a good berry and keeps it moving back towards the hill giant city.
  • Baeshra transforms into a draft horse and then Merry rides him with the 2 dressed deer (meats), and eventually meets back up with the party.
  • It has been about 2 hours and the owlbear is getting closer to home.

Rewards Granted

3/8 lbs of fox glove

Missions/Quests Completed

Found lost owlbear


Court clothing, shopping, selling a siren head and off on an adventure!

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
06 Dec 2019

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