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Session 47 - Nov 21, 2019 Report

General Summary

World Date Fall, Third Moon, Duash (3rd Day)

  • The party then follows Mr. Larkenson to the house in question to see the place. The party reviews all 3 stories and meet the housekeeper, Judith, a young human woman.
  • Baeshra likes the idea of having the basement in the house, and the small backyard with a flagstone patio off the back of the house.
  • Mr. Larkenson receives a message from the patron of your quest, who suggest a time to meet the party at Mr. Larkeson's the next day. His office is near the Secluded Garden Inn. Mage Magmabrew will meet them the next day at 3 pm to transfer the deed.
  • The party finds out that Mage Magmabrew is a member of the university for 100 years, a half-dwarven wizard who specializes in evocation.
  • Roth goes to see Korfel, buy items for a summoning, goes to the jewlery shop, the The Sapphire Sun - Jewlery Store and buys a small necklace to gift to his new familiar. He then goes to the temple of the Raven Queen and speaks with High Priestess Katrina, and summons his familiar.
  • Roth images all the best parts of his party, and is able to summon a red faire dragon named Olwyn or Ollie for short. Who is delighted with her necklace and not very fond of the bourbon she tried. She then hides in Roth's cloak invisible.
  • Roth asks Katrina about the Mage, who does not know her well, but is half human/half dwarf, can be a little brusk, and she brews beer as a hobby.
  • While that happens Ari, Scarlett and Merry go to the Dizzy Monkey Music Shop and speak with the owner Kenna about Mage Magmabrew.
  • Kenna is unable to tell them much other than she and few musicans played a party at the university for the Mage, and she tipped well.
  • Baeshra then decides to go to the unviversty to speak with Arch Druid, but is side tracked and goes to by a long bow and arrows at The Best Defense - Weapons Shop. He attempts to bargain and fails, so he pays full price.
  • After talking to Kenna, Ari heads to the main market, Merry to the temple, and Baeshra, Scarlett and Roth head to the magical university.
  • Baeshra, Scarlett, and Roth chat with the head librarian about Mage Magmabrew, and any information her "to be concerned about". Julia did not know of anything concerning in the 100 ish years she has been at the university.
  • Baeshra requests an audience with the archdruid, who can see him in about 2 hours. Scarlett requests to speak to a cleric/divine magic professor, who will be there in 15 mins. Roth waits with them through both meetings.
  • Scarlett gets advice on meditation and communication with her deity, and she shows the professor the aquarium. The professor is impressed, but not sure how it works or how it was made.
  • Scarlett then returns to wait with Roth and Baeshra, who are drinking tequilla.
  • Merry goes to the temple of Oghma and prays, then asks the Priestess on duty if they know of Mage Magmabrew. The priestess confirmed that the Mage would visit with the university staff for the yearly donation, but did not visit Oghma alone. The priestess thought the Mage may follow a dwarven god.
  • Merry thanks the priestess then goes to the The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class and gets 3 rooms for the night.
  • Ari goes shopping and stops at The Voddoo Doll - Magic Shop to see Korfel, see some magical pipes and a ring of resistance to acid damage. She decides not to by and heads back to the tavern, and gets some honey mead.
  • Roth, Scarlett, and Baeshra have a docent take them to see the ArchDruid. Baeshra asks about the druid dwarf in the dessert, making spells permanent, and hallucinatory terrain. Baeshra gives her a serving of the cactus juice, which she promises to analyze.
  • Roth then asks the ArchDruid in elvish about Mage Magmabrew, who does not know much about her.
  • Roth, Scarlett, and Baeshra then leave the university, with Baeshra not following the docent, and Scarlett running off to the stables to pet the horses.
  • Scarlett, Roth, and Baeshra then meet back up at the inn with Ari and Merry.
  • The party discusses the house over dinner, and decides to take the offer, and no one trusts the Mage.
  • The Party long rests for the night at the Wandering Waves.
World Date Fall, Third Moon, Duro (4th Day)
  • The party wakes up the next day, eats breakfast and goes to Korfels shop, The Voodoo Doll. The party is interested in learning more about the magical tattoos he mentioned earlier.
  • Korfel mentions that the tattoo uses magical dust of jewels to give people a boost or resistance. It is very expensive, and he has been looking for master tattoo artist, and he has heard of one that will be back in town in about two weeks.
  • The party then eats lunch and heads back to Mr. Larkenson's office to meet with Mage Magmabrew.
  • The party meets a shorter, stocky woman, with dark black hair, dark red eyes and a beautiful red robe with silver embroidery on the sleeves and neckline.
  • Ari gets the Mage taking about her robes, and got the name of a noble tailor, The Legacy Design with the owner Ms. Strangeland. The party will likely go here later for court outfits.
  • The party confirms that they will own the house, and that Mage Magmabrew has owned it for about 100 years, renting it out, and she has enchanted locks and each party member is given a key.
  • Mage Magmabrew tells the party the housekeeper, Judith, has been working for about 4-5 years and has done a great job. She gets 15g a month for food/drink and salary, and extra may be asked for incidentals.
  • Mage Magmabrew also quick run down on court etiquette and how to roughly act and that you cannot bring in too many weapons.
  • The party signs over the deed to The Tribe of Tails, and Roth gets a copy of it and 200 platinum.
  • The party goes to the house, and Judith has prepared dinner, and will be buying some raw meat for Baeshra, including goat for the next day, as well as pricing how much a small flock of goats would cost to keep in the back yard. The party eats dinner.

Rewards Granted

78 Morning Glory Lane (house) 200 Platinum

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
22 Nov 2019

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