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Session 46 - Nov 7, 2019 Report

General Summary

World Date Fall, Second Moon, Korar (25th Day)

  • Order of camels, Roth, Guide/Jarrett, Baeshra, Tim, Ari, Merry, & Scarlett, watches each night were Baeshra, Ari, Roth and Scarlett.
  • The party finishes the fight, and Ari and Roth pick up some small pieces of glass created by the fire elemental.
  • The party stops for the night, Roth saw some shapes on the horizon.
  World Date Fall, Second Moon, Korbrar (26th Day)
  • The party journeys across the dessert without incident.
  • Order of camels, Roth, Guide/Jarrett, Baeshra, Tim, Ari, Merry, & Scarlett, watches each night were Baeshra, Ari, Roth and Scarlett.
  World Date Fall, Second Moon, Korsar (27th Day)
  • The party journeys across the dessert, with Jarett telling the party they should reach Port Melody be the evening.
  • Roth and Baeshra notice that a something is tracking the party from the top edge of a dune, about 80-100 ft away. Roth is not sure what it is, but Baeshra knows they are jackals, small scavenger dogs. Roth and Merry cast Chill touch and eldrich blast to damage the jackals, who then ran away.
  • Order of camels, Roth, Guide/Jarrett, Baeshra, Tim, Ari, Merry, & Scarlett.
  • The party arrives at Port Melody around 4 pm, and Jarett takes the camels back to his stables. John pays the remaining 20g owed to Jarrett. John also arranges for 2 goats to Baeshra, one raw and butcher and sent directly to the inn, and one roasted and sent the inn later that evening.
  • Merry goes to the inn, rolls a nat 20 performance (over 30?) and shocks the inn with the beauty of the music. The party then calls for the captain and Ove Ove Lindblom who tells the party some crew member took the long boat to explore/fish, so they will leave the next night.
  • Ari, Merry, & Scarlett go shopping and find a store selling painted and embroidered silk clothing. Ari purchased a blouse, skirt, two horn decoration and a parasol, with Scarlett getting pants, a vest and a fan, and a long silk handkerchief, all in shades of blue.
  • After shopping, the party gathers back at the inn, The Naughty Melody Tavern, where they see a large trading vessel come into port to restock. The ship is called the Montrose, and it is a long distance trading vessel, with a red-headed woman entering the tavern to address Lapis, the owner about restocking the ship.
  • Baeshra is given his pieces of the raw goat. He begins to eat them in the tavern.
  • The person (Cpt Brenda McShields) is interested in Roth, and delighted to find two red-heads, Ari and Roth in the tavern. Baeshra tries to make a joke about Brenda being interested in bedding Roth, but fails. The Captain offers Roth her card and a place on her boat to get to Benroth, which Roth has to decline.
  • Cpt Brenda mentioned elvish books on board, that Roth is interested to purchase, but Cpt Brenda is unable to sell the items, they just ship the items.
  • Roth learns she, Cpt Brenda will be Benroth at the Wandering Waves in about 2-3 weeks, and suggests they get a drink or dinner then.
  • Roth then goes to practice his viol while waiting for dinner. Later, roast goat is delivered and the party eats dinner. The Montrose leaves port.
  • The party rests for the night in the tavern.
  World Date Fall, Second Moon, Korvin (28th Day)
  • The party goes to the metal/jewelry store in town to browse, and they do not find anything worth picking up.
  • The party boards the boat, the day is partly cloudy with a slight breeze, and they plan to leave at dusk after the boat is loaded and the tide turns.
  • The night was quiet, with the boat sailing smoothly into the Bay of Songs.
  World Date Fall, Second Moon, Kortril (29th Day)
  • The second day at sea, partly cloudy with a good wind, and the water was mostly calm.
  • Roth stayed in the crows nest, with John being sea sick, so he and Tim the golem stayed below deck.
  • At dusk, as it was getting dark, 5 fish people, or Merrows, attacked from both sides of the boat. Roth and Baeshra were able to kill 1, with Scarlett taking down a 2nd and Ari and Roth a 3rd. The other two Merrow tried to flee, but the party killed them with ranged spells.
  • The crew related that the Merrow are scavengers who often attack ships to steal the goods on board, or just for the joy of attacking. Smaller vessels sometimes were able to buy off the Merrow, and the Captain was very happy with the party's help.
  • The night was quiet, and nothing happened.
  World Date Fall, Second Moon, Korlar (30th Day)
  • Roth in the crows nest spots something on the horizon after lunch. You mention this to the other lookout, and then you both kept an eye on the thing floating in the distance.
  • As the floating object got closer, you used your spyglass to see it was a floating "island" with a scantily clad young lady on board. You were about 500 ft away, and so Roth took 2 shots with his long bow, both of which hit.
  • The lady was prepared for the 3rd shot, though it still did hit her. The siren was then within 300 ft, sang her song, and was able to charm the person steering the ship, who turned the ship towards her and her floating island.
  • After the 4th shot, Roth so the figure lay out, as if killed. Actually the siren cast major illusion to try to stop the barrage of arrow. This did not stop Roth, who shot and actually killed her.
  • The charmed person at the helm then righted the course of the boat, but the party wanted to explore the siren's island.
  • Roth takes out the folding boat in the smaller form, and Roth, Merry, and Ari jump in the boat, with Baeshra tying a rope to the boat and himself, as he turned in to a dolphin. Now about 100 ft away from the boat
  • Roth looks at the floating island, trying to see what is on it of value. He sees a small pouch on the siren's belt, which he tries to pick up with Mage Hand and fails, as it is too heavy. He then throws a rope and has the mage hand tie the pouch to the rope, which he pulls back to the small folding boat with the dolphins help.
  • Ari swims over to the siren's vessels, finds a lot of bones and the body, and then Dimension Door's with the body back to the boat's deck, surprising Scarlett, who remained there.
  • Baeshra in dolphin form is able to see the various sharp objects under the water around the siren's island and counsels the boats to stay away from the island. The contraptions could easily damage a ship's hull.
  • Ari gets a sea sick John to examine the body, and make scientific notes, and she was pretty sure few people have lived to see the body of a siren. The party rejoins Ari on the boat. After John is done, she borrows Roth's short sword, and cuts the head off the siren. The head is placed in the bag of holding and the body dismembered by Baeshra to make darts. .
  • The captain was superstitious enough to not want to keep the body on board for long.
  • The party does go down to the cabin to review what they found. Baeshra guards the door and Ari casts detect magic. There is nothing magical in the bag, or the bag itself. In the bag is half a cannon ball (5lbs), 2 rusty daggers, 4 small figurines (octopus, fish, whale, and dolphin) and 28 gold in mostly copper and silver. The bag was about 12 lbs, so Mage Hand could not pick it up.
  • The night was quiet.
  World Date Fall, Third Moon, Lafali (1st Day)
  • The party journeys across the sea without incident.
  • The weather is clear, the seas calm and the tail wind strong. The boat traveled quickly
    World Date Fall, Third Moon, Dulyn (2nd Day)
  • The party journeys across the sea. Roth sees some large air pockets surface with green gas. The crew does not seem alarmed
  • The weather is clear, the seas calm and the tail wind strong. The boat traveled quickly.
  World Date Fall, Third Moon, Duash (3rd Day)
  • The party journeys across the sea without incident. They arrive in Benroth at 11 am at the docks.
  • The captain meets with the dockmaster to check in and get the paperwork taken care of. On the dock awaiting the boat is a older human male, gray hair, in a dark gray coat with black vest with fancy embroidery. The "Fancy Pants" is what Ari called him.
  • The person "Mr Fancy Pants", said his name is Mr. Larkenson, and asked the party to wait while he took care of the matters at hand. Roth is polite and introduces him.
  • Mr Larkenson was waiting at the dock with 6 large guard times, 4 of whom where holding chests. Mr Larkenson greeted John and asked John and his guardian Tim the golem, to go meet his patron, as they are very eager to verify the item that he was sent to retrieve. Tim and John left with the two guards not holding chests.
  • Mr Larkenson saw Ove, thanked him for his time and good work, and had 1 guard open a chest, and pay Ove with a bag of coins within. Ove took his leave, telling Roth, he looked to forward to seeing him the next time Roth was out of paper or ink.
  • Mr Larkenson then had the same guard take the chest onto the boat, presumably to pay the captain and crew for any costs incurred.
  • Mr Larkenson then complimented the party on a job well and far swifter than expected. This pleased the employee of Mr Larkenson, who hired the party for a job. In this case, Mr Larkenson is able to offer them two choices of reward. He calls them 'The Tribe of Tails'.
  • Mr Larkenson waves a hand at the 3 chests behind him. He says he can pay each party member 200 platinum (2000 gold) for a job well done and thank them for their time. The second option is a total of 200 platinum (2000 gold) and a house in town, with a housekeeper already in place and paid for the next 30 days, as well as an invitation to the opening of the winter court, with the understanding the party is willing to listen if Mr Larkenson's employee would like to hire them for another job.
  • The house is 78 Morning Glory Lane, and a nice 3 store building. Merry rolls to see what she knows about the address, and gets a nat 20. She is able to remember it is a nice street in a nice middle/upper class part of town. It is near a lot of nice places and convenient to many places.

Rewards Granted

Siren loot,

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
08 Nov 2019

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