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Session 41 - August 15, 2019 Report

General Summary

World Date Fall, Second Moon, Lamlar (8th Day)

  • The party stares at the big room, full of sunlight.
  • Baeshra enters the room, looking at the paintings on the wall, a boat scene, a domestic scene, a farming scene and on either side of the door, a dog and cat being treated as deities. All the scenes show greens and blues, without any dessert similar to what you all passed through. A few figures have wings in the image.
  • The sarcophagus is almost 4ft tall, 15 ft long and 10 feet wide.
  • While observing the wall paintings, Roth, Ari, Merry, Scarlett, and John stay outside or just outside the door. Roth remembers the correct way to formally address someone, confirming with John.
  • Ari uses the wand of detect magic, letting the party know there is necrotic magic from inside the sarcophagus. The sarcophagus suddenly opens, revealing a mummy of some kind, who sits up and swipes for Baeshra while complaining in common about being distrubed.
  • The fight begins, with Roth "I apologize for disturbing you" in celestrial, Baeshra "What happened to the land in the pictures" and Scarlett "sorry about waking you up." All trying to speak and figure out why the mummy is attacking them.
  • Baeshra realizes that there is something else in the sarcophagus aside from the mummy who is being violent, and the mummy does not seem inclined to chat with them.
  • A fight ensues with Baeshra taking a big hit and then turning into a snapping turtle, Roth getting several good hits with booming blade, and Ari and Scarlett doing some damage as well. John hides outside and does not enter the room.
  • The group is able to defeat the mummy with Ari having cast detect thoughts and is able to see the area of effect spell the mummy casts as a last effect, and she is able to counter-spell it.
  • After that, Black Poison flies in the takes the last hit on the Mummy, killing it (again).
  • During the aftermath, Baeshra in giant turtle form destroys the mummy who tried to kill them all. Roth, Ari, and Scarlett loot the tomb, finding another mummy under where the one who attacked them was resting. They find a thin stone tablet around it's neck, reading, here is Nefertiti, Beloved Queen, Wife and Mother.
  • The mummy as a potion in one hand, which Scarlett takes, and 10 sapphires placed equally around the body, Scarlett takes 5, Ari takes 5. Roth switches out the journal he found in the Pirate Cave on the Brell Island for the book at the foot of the queen mummy.
  • Merry investigates the room while the party lots the tomb and sees on the Dog and Cat on the two walls by the door, letter on collars around their necks, which are 5 letters, but do not make words. She figures they are musical scales, and she starts playing them.
  • Roth notices odd weathering on the floor around the sarcophagus and Merry discovers it is on a pivot, so she pushes and with help reveals a staircase heading down.
  • Roth and Baeshra are ok continuing to explore, but John does not want to go down without Tim, the golem.
  • Black Poison is sent to go fetch Tim the golem, but is really bad at directions, so it takes him almost an hour and a half to go and return. The party short rests while they wait. The thinking that it would be better to have a door block at this room. Merry also thinks interesting things will happen by moonlight.
  • The party descends the stairs, which are 10 ft wide, Roth scouts ahead first, noticing a small boat icon on the stairs, then the 5 stairs after it have 7 equally sized stones, which are different from the previous stairs.
  • Merry hits the first step, 3rd square, and a bell rings out with (sounds like a C note), and one dust creatures appears, which the party fights.
  • Merry then hits another stair, this time the square to the left, and a bell rings out (sounds like a B note), and now two dust creatures appear and the party kills them.
  • Merry roles an intelligence check, gets a 6, and tries the step with the G note, which summons eight of the creatures. The party is able to fight them off, but they are all very unhappy about it.
  • Roth has an idea and tells the party to wait, so he goes back upstairs to check on the mural on the wall, which featured a large boat.
  • Roth then rolls a natural 20, (34 total perception) and see 5 sets of these odd 5 letter groupings, EEGBA on the Boat, AACDF on the book in the house, BCADE on the oxen, DCEGA on the Dog and GGECB on the Cat.
  • Roth then returns down the stairs, and tells Merry the combination of letters on the boat. Merry hits the E stone on the first stair and nothing happens. She then hits the G stone on the same stair and 16 dust creatures are summoned.
  • It takes quite awhile to kill all the dust creatures at this time, and Merry goes unconscious. Scarlett is able to bring her back up, but at this time no one is happy about the stairs and dust creatures, who when they die explode and can blind people.
  • John finally casts a spell after Merry goes down, and the wakes up realizing her mistake with the stairs, thinking the stairs need to be paid in order as they are walked down.
  • Baeshra is very unhappy with John, who Baeshra believes should do more work to help the tribe get through the pyramid.
  • The party then decides to call it a day, and returns to the large room with the sarcophagus to rest, it is about 4:30 in the afternoon.

Rewards Granted

10 sapphires worth 50g each, potion of speed, book of curses

Missions/Quests Completed

Defeated Mummy Hag

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
16 Aug 2019

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