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Session 4 Notes

General Summary

Storm & Talking to Dolphins at Sea, World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Duama (5th Day), Dular (6th Day), and Duael (7th Day)
  • There is some difficulty getting into the folding boat, but the party manages it
  • Roth, who has been on boats many times gives orders to get them away from the Kraken and the pirate ship
  • The large spider Baeshra helps to row the boat away with all 8 legs, 4 set of oars
  • As you sail away, you cannot see what happens to the ship or if the Kraken does leave
  • The stars are only slighlty visible, so Roth turns the boat what he thinks is east, the party gets all their original gear back from magical storage chest
  • The party also finds and distributes the following:
    1. Sulfer Smelling Glove - Varis/Roth (not magical)
    2. Doll of creature with horns - Merry (not magical)
    3. Doorknob - Fiske (magical illusionary)
    4. Black hat pin, end slightly bloody - Varis/Roth (magical necromancy)
    5. Black Silk Ribbon - Scarlett (red tielfing now in part, no magical) she wears it on one of her horns
    6. Blue wool hat - George (one of the half-elf wizards from the boat, not magical)
    7. Slide Whistle - Merry (not magical)
    8. 2 game tokens, one white, one black - Varis/Roth (black one magical, divination)
    9. Small red spice pot - Varis/Roth (magically refilling)
    10. Large Blue Egg - Baeshra (not magical)
  • Party continues sailing and takes a long rest, with the person keeping watch steering
  • Sun rises, and after 2 hours, winds die down, Roth assumes based on weather, they are still in the Bay of Songs
  • Sight an approaching pods of dolphins, and Merry casts speak with animals to communicate with the dolphins
  • Merry and Roth play games with the dolphins with shiney copper coins (Roth makes dorsal fin necklace) and the dolphins are convinced to bring fish towards the boat
  • Fiske then has a conversation with his diety, who is in dolphin avatar form, who grants him the power to speak with dolphins, and the entire party hears the whole conversation
  • Fiske has existential crisis about being an elf god cleric, as he hates the rich elves from Resonata and his elf father abandoning him/his mother, and his father's unknown cleric background
  • The afternoon passes and a large storm gathers on the horizon, which takes the ship onto a reef on the edge of a unknown island
  • Had rough seas and hard time with boat being on the reef, almost lost the two half elves, yet passed the night on the boat, stuck on the reef
  • Morning after, the storm has cleared, and Fiske uses his sandals of water walking to take one end of the rope to the beach with other end tied to the boat
  • Party is able to use this tethered line to make it to shore
  • Roth is the last one on the boat, folds up the boat and swims to shore
Thursday Night Story
Report Date
15 Feb 2018

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