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Session 39 Notes - July 11, 2019

General Summary

World Date Fall, First Moon, Kortril (29th Day)

  • The night after the giant vulture attack is peaceful.
  • The party travels for the entire day, still on the path the guide, Jared, knows, and nothing happens. Jared mentions that they will come to the next oasis in a day or two.
  • The party camps for the night and it is a quiet night.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Korlar (30th Day)
  • The party has a quiet day of travel across the dessert and stops for the night.
  • The party stops for the night and Ari summons a lion from her bag. Baeshra is unsure of what his creature is and spends an hour studying it. In the third watch, Merry notices a sand storm on the horizon, and wakes the party up.
  • Merry also casts the tiny hut and Tim the golem gathers the camels in the V between the two huts. The sand storm strikes about 3:30 am and lasts until dawn. All the camels are fine, and the party sleeps in the recovery from the lack of sleep in the sandstorm.
  World Date Fall, Second Moon, Lafali (1st Day)
  • The group gets a late start, but travels all day without issue.
  • Black Poison and Branwen both circle in the afternoon and see the oasis.
  • The party rests by this oasis, which is a deep well instead of a pool, with a few trees and some shade.
  • The party rests overnight with no issue.
  World Date Fall, Second Moon, Dulyn (2nd Day) & Duash (3rd Day)
  • The party travels two days through the dessert, guided by both Jared and the spell, nothing happens of note.
  World Date Fall, Second Moon, Duro (4th Day)
  • The party awakes the next morning and using only the spell that John has, start the trek through the dessert towards the item they were hired to find.
  • In the afternoon, both Branwen and Black Poison see a patch of green off to the right of the route that they mean to travel.
  • After some conversation, the party decides to stop and see if this is an unknown oasis or something else, as Black Poison sees a small house among the greenery from the air.
  • The party approaches and sees a dwarf singing in dwarfish while tending a large green garden of cacti, and there is sign over the door that says "The Cacti Druid". The party is unsure, but the druid, who calls himself Sunmeadow, in a large straw hat, and welcomes the visitors to sit and visit with him and his garden.
  • The party warily dismounts, and Baeshra asks about what that druid Sunmeadow does, and Sunmeadow offers Baeshra some cactus juice as a refreshment.
  • Baeshra, Ari, & Scarlett try the cactus juice while Roth and Merry decline and encourage John and Jared to decline as well. Baeshra and Scarlett fail the CON save (both with 5) and start tripping for 2 hours each. Ari passes the check and is fine.
  • Baeshra and Scarlett start to act odd, and Merry rolls a 30 intimidation, and learns sometime the cacti can had odd effects. Ari is sad she missed the tripping and buys a bottle of the stuff from later with the bone spear.
  • Jared looks tired, but gets the camels back in order to move on, and Roth convinces Baeshra to get back on the camel, but does not have as much luck with Scarlett. Scarlett send up being carried by Tim the golem until she is done tripping.
  • Baeshra realizes later that the hallucinogenic cacti has a similar property to a swamp mushroom used in vision quests, but he is too young to try that one. He wants more cactus juice.
  • That night the art long rest and Merry sees some odd clouds at night.
  World Date Fall, Second Moon, Duama (5th Day)
  • The day passes uneventfully, and Branwen in her fly over see some ruins in the distance.
  • The group completes a long rest and nothing else happens, though Merry and Roth see odd wind/air movement in the distance.
  World Date Fall, Second Moon, Dular (6th Day)
  • The morning passes uneventfully, following where the spell leads, and Branwen and Black Poison see some higher dunes in the distance.
  • After lunch the party passes between two large dunes and see some small air cyclones in the distance.
  • Ari, who speaks the language of the air elemental tries to persuade them to talk, but rolls poorly (CHA 12) and they tell her that the party is trespassing, and attack.
  • The party was able to defeat the two air elementals, while protecting their guide with several natural 20's and one heck of a Guiding Bolt Roll from Scarlett. Tim the Golem does take a few heavy hits from the elemental.
  • After the party is healed and mostly back to normal, they continue one for the rest of the afternoon.
  • The party breaks for the night and rests. Roth seeing some odd air currents in the distance where they are going.
  World Date Fall, Second Moon, Duael (7th Day)
  • The morning passes without incident, and Branwen & Black Poison see two pyramids in the distance in the afternoon.
  • The group stops a few miles from the pyramids and camps for the night. Roth notices odd air and wind patterns around the pyramids.
  World Date Fall, Second Moon, Lamlar (8th Day)
  • The party wakes up in the morning and circles the pyramids, confirming that the spell John cast is leading them to these pyramids. The larger one does not seem to have a door, and seems to be warm, which the smaller one does have a door, and there is a small space between the two pyramids.
  • Jared decids that he will stay near the smaller of the pyramids while the party goes in to explore.
  • The party notes that the winds seems to be more calm around the bases of the pyramids.

Missions/Quests Completed

moved across the dessert, made it to the pyramids

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
12 Jul 2019

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