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Session 38 Notes - June 20, 2019 Report

General Summary

World Date Fall, First Moon, Koral (24th Day)

  • The party stops to rest for the night, Baeshra casts meld into stone and rests for 8 hours inside Tim the golem who is very confused and now wary of Baeshra.
  • John casts the magic hut for the travels and Merry attempts to cast a magic hut for the camels, which fails as they are large creatures. She is unsure why it failed and shrugs.
  • Roth takes 1st watch, rolls a 34 and sees a sphinx flying far away, he will ask the others about it in the morning. Ari keeps watch with the mastif she pulls out of her bag of tricks. The rest of the night is uneventful and the party completes a long rest. Ari mentions the Roth does not spell enough for a human and guesses he is an elf type.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Korar (25th Day)
  • Roth asks Merry and Ari about sphinxes when the party starts to travel the next day. Merry knows they are rare, lawful and often guardians. Jared the guide is concerned that you saw such a creature.
  • The party travels all day and night, nothing happens. Successful long rest in the magical hut.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Korbrar( 26th Day)
  • The group starts out and nothing happens all morning.
  • The group stops by a large circle of standing stones at lunch and explores them.
  • Roth finds writing on the stones, and he casts a spell and Merry uses the glasses to read the inscription "Day leads to Night, Night leads to Day, Beware the endless cycle of sand and wind" No one can identify the language it is aquan.
  • During the afternoon, nothing happens, and John confirms with his spell that the party is going the correct general way.
  • As the party makes camp, Ari pulls a rat out of her bag of tricks, which Baeshra tries to eat, and it just goes poof, which makes Baeshra sad.
  • During the night, the party sees mostly nothing, though Scarlett sees some birds in the distance. Party completes a long rest.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Korsar (27th Day)
  • The party travels throughout the day, stops at lunch and John casts the spell. The party is going slightly west of the path the spell gives, with Jared telling the party they are almost to the oasis.
  • The oasis is a large pool, trees, birds and other wildlife with several frames which can be used by travels. The area is well kept and green, but Baeshra is not impressed with this "swamp".
  • While the party prepares for the evening, Ari pulls a brown bear out of her bag of tricks and spooks the camels, 5 of which run away.
  • Baeshra attacks the bear, then Ari casts invisibility on the bear, and Jared, John and Tim try to get the camels back.
  • Merry casts suggestion on Ari, who makes the bear run away from the camp in the oasis, but Baeshra has already cast Fairy Fire on the bear, and then eventually turns into a bear himself.
  • Ari blinds bear Baeshra and Scarlett casts darkness. Roth is thrilled and moves into the magical darkness and shots the invisible, sparkle outline of the bear, who then goes poof.
  • Baeshra is not blind and is confused what happened to the other bear. Scarlett goes and sits in the magical darkness while Merry tells Ari to help her, John, Jared and Tim (the golem) catch the camels her bear scared away.
  • Roth is delighted that Scarlett can cast Darkness once a day, which he can see through, and tries to figure out if it is her, or barbarians or all tieflings. Roth asks John, who has no idea why Scarlett can cast it. They practice speaking Celestial.
  • Roth rolls a 30, and the rest of the party on watch roll a 19, so everyone under the dome sees birds of some kind.
  • Right before dawn Merry casts Minor Illusion to lure the bird down, but the Giant Vulture is not fooled for long, and flies away before Baeshra can study it.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Korvin (28th Day)
  • The party awakes the next morning and Roth asks Merry about her ability to cast darkness, and she avoids the question, suggesting he talk to Scarlett about casting it.
  • Roth tells Scarlett that he can use the darkness and it would be helpful in battle for her to cast. She agrees to cast it if she can.
  • Scarlett tries to commune with her deity at the oasis pool, and roll a non-natural 20, and sees little waves in the pool. She is pleased.
  • While Jared gets the camels ready, Ari takes a bath in the oasis pool, after Baeshra and Scarlett see, both jump in and start splashing and playing. Everyone enjoys the water fight who is in the water. Jared is confused, and hurries the party out of the oasis.
  • The party breaks for lunch and sees 5 Giant Vultures approach the group, likely looking to pick off something to eat from the party.
  • Baeshra, Ari, Scarlett, and Merry cast long range spells to take out or injury the birds while they are over 60ft away. Roth shoots with his bow. John even gets in a spell on one of the birds, which kills 1 of the 5.
  • Jared and Tim the golem try to keep the camels safe from the incoming Giant Vultures.
  • The pseudodragon tries to distract the Giant Vulture, but gets attacked and falls to the ground unconscious. The party then makes quick work of the other 3 giant vultures, and keeps 1 alive but tied up and unconscious for Baeshra to study.
  • Baeshra runs over to try and save Black Poison the pseudodragon, who rolls a Nat 20 on a death save and stabilizes to 1 HP. Both Ari and Scarlett also go to help Black Poison, but it is already healed.
  • Baeshra spends 1 hour studying the birds (one of which Roth disabled) so he can possible beast shape into them later. The party rests after the battle, and calms down the camels.
  • The afternoon passes without incident, and the magic hut is cast and watches happen.
  • Roth sees something interesting about the moon on his watch after rolling a 34 and hears the rustle of wings, even though there are no birds near and Branwen is sitting still.
  • The group completes a long rest and nothing else happens.

Character(s) interacted with

Bear and bear battle, giant vulture and an oasis (dessert swamp)

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
21 Jun 2019

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