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Session 36 - Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Third Moon, Ruavan (17th Day) to Korlar (30th Day)

  • Party takes first two weeks to get some individual things done.
  • Roth convinces Merry to let him borrow the glasses of comprehend language and uses them to study celestial. Roth also finds a tutor in celestial, Professor Edith who teaches him for 2 hours every morning and then he sits in on her afternoon language classes, which sometimes deal with the language. Roth practices the viol at night.
  • Scarlett goes to the university and learns the basics of cleric spells and other casting traits.
  • Baeshra goes off into the woods and only comes into town randomly and then once to meet with the Archdruid Lade Marisha. Lady Marisha offers some advice and tea to Baeshra, who is struggling in the urban environment on torn between tribes. The dragon is male, and Baeshra confirms the egg from the pirate ship is a petrified ostrich egg, dyed blue.
  • Merry has a small pendant of her deity's symbol crafted in silver, and then she spends the next two week helping out at the temple of Oghmar, helping the clerics. She has a dream in which her deity offers her thanks for her services.
  • Ari tries to connect with the criminal element in town, and finds Thieves Guild Office - The Crooked Quill, where she meets the fence Valida, and gets quotes on the spider skin and poison sacs. She then wanders and play and gather information on the events at the Harvest festival.
  • Ari, Baeshra and Scarlett head to try to fence the spider things and also possibly the egg, which Baeshra calls the stone dragon egg. Roth was with them, but sneaked away. Ari & Scarlett buy notebooks and all three leave. Roth enters, sells the 2 poison sacs for 23 gold, and no takers on the egg. Roth finds a note about the job, with instruction on where Ove will meet the party on the morning of the departure. Thor at A Good Offense - Armor/Tanner Store can make studded leather armor with the hide for 150 gold (minor enchantment, advantage on hiding, natural camouflage.)
  • Scarlett and Roth continue studying dessert life and celestial the second week.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Lafali (1st Day)
  • Harvest Festival FUN!
  • Group watches the first frog race, and Ari convinces the person to let her enter a frog (Baeshra, who won 3 races, and made the party lots of money). After the third race, Ari took her frog away and the game runner was confused.
  • Scarlett and Merry played the flute and tambourine for people during the festival, and made a good amount of money.
  • Scarlett and Ari entered the drinking contest, Scarlett went out the 2nd round, but Ari made it to the final to only lose to a elf woman.
  • Roth used many disguises to make money on frogs and be unseen.
  • Scarlett lost in the arm wrestling contest in a nice dwarf, who bought her a drink after winning the match.
  • The whole party played some dice games, with a few wins and a few loses, and Ari helping Scarlett with the cantrip thamatergy.
  • Ari uses detect thoughts at the fair and went to the nobles. A brown haired human male last 20s in lower nobility green clothing was interesting, thinking, "Don't let them see", Ari tried to find out the noble's identity, but failed.
  • Baeshra manages to trick a merchant with a natural 20 to buy the "stone dragon egg" for 90 gold. We are all shocked.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Dulyn (2nd Day) to Lafael (16th Day)
  • Merry continues to help out at the temple.
  • Roth is almost proficient in celestial, and purchases a book on the subject for 15 gold.
  • Ari continues to work the town for rumors and studies local lore at the library.
  • Scarlett continues to study dessert and sea life, goes to mediate by the ocean and checks in with the aquarium creatures, and is seen by some sailors. She buys a linen dessert cloak and makes some more daggers and axes at the blacksmith There Be Smoke - Blacksmith
  • Baeshra spends more time with the party, and includes Ari in a meal of the goat of friendship.
  • Baeshra then spends time with the party and in the woods until it is time to depart
  • The day of departure, Ove Lindblom collects the party, and takes them to the boat which is ready to transport them.
  • Standing at the gangplank of the ship are 2 cloaked figures, awaiting the parties arrival.

Rewards Granted

phase spider armour, studded leather, advantage on hide checks

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
31 May 2019

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