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Session 31 Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Third Moon, Lamlar (8th Day)

  • The party is both pleased and confused about the reappearance of Merry and Roth, as well as 3 others.
  • Roth gives Scarlett the crown of flowers, and Merry notices the songs she received are called Ways of the Night, Bliss of Paradise, and Storm of Summer.
  • The party goes back into town, being stopped at the gate, and tells the guard they are tourists and musicians, who lets them into the city.
  • The party and the missing musicians, go to the Dizzy Monkey Music Shop where the owner, Kenna rewards Merry with 50 gold
  • Merry explains that one of the reasons the party was allowed to return was the condition that Merry kept the music and key to the FeyWilde, Kenna reluctantly agrees to this.
  • Walking back to the tavern for lunch, Fiske sees a dolphin doing backflips, and Roth, rolling a 34 sees its divine presence.
  • Fiske is told to go with the dolphin now, (Roth overhears), Fiske is reluctant to go, so a giant tentacle comes out of the bay and carries Fiske away.
  • Fiske uses sending to Merry to explain that his god called, and he is not sure if or when he will be back.
  • Roth, Merry Scarlett and Baeshra enjoy a lunch of fried chicken at The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class, Baeshra enjoys his first cooked meat.
  • Merry and Roth head to the university to try and get more information about the job they are being sent on.
  • Roth goes to see High Priestess Katrina at the Raven Queen's Temple. She does not know much of the Northern Wastes, where the job would be, only about ruins being there.
  • The high priestess is clearly in the middle of a lot of paperwork, so she tells Roth what she can, and suggests speaking to the head librarian, Julia Wilhelmsen The Magical University and Library - Benroth.
  • High Priestess Katrina give Roth a letter of recommendation to get him in to see the librarian, and Branwen attempts to made the high priestess less stress with some raven cuddles.
  • Roth rewards Brawnwen for her kindness, and then heads to the library with Merry.
  • Baeshra and his dragon stay at the inn for the day and relax.
  • Scarlett takes Philip to the tanners's shop, A Good Offense - Armor/Tanner Store and pays 2 gold for a custom harness for Philip. She then goes to talk to the Blacksmith, There Be Smoke - Blacksmith about some work during downtime.
  • Merry and Roth are given a guide and taken to Julia's library office in the University.
  • Julia tells them about the orcs, goliaths, and a civilization/ruin, the area is a low level magic civilization, and most traps would likely be environmental, pits, falling things, etc.
  • Julia thinks this the party may be headed to the ruins a celestial temple or city, and she can pull books about the ruins and civilization, and reserve a reading room for Roth and Merry's use.
  • Julia suggest a guide, source of water, food, shelter, and possible pack animals to carry things.
  • Roth and Merry asks Julia about the Order of the Golden Tower, and Gregory. Julia is able to pull a list of members of the organization, and finds a note of a Gregory who was inducted into the order in the 550s (current year 1304).
  • Roth and Merry ask to speak to the current member of the Order of the Golden Tower, in case there were some secrets only known to members.
  • Julia looks understanding, but slightly disappointed. She casts a spell to ask if the member of the Order of the Golden Tower is available, and she confirms she is.
  • The guide then takes Merry and Roth to meet a very old elf, long white hair, deep red robes, pointed ears, very wrinkled skin (ancient elf), and a druid named Marisha.
  • Merry and Roth speak to Marisha about the tower they found, the possibility of being Sir Gregory's students, and show her the paperwork from his desk (pyramids, and desserts, dated 975).
  • Marisha mentions that she had hoped to have closure on this member of the Golden Tower, and mentions if the group finds anything in the dessert, she would like to hear about it.
  • Merry and Roth thank the Lady Marisha and head back to the inn.
  • When Scarlett comes out of the Blacksmith, an urchin speaks with her about a possible job.
  • Scarlett returns to the inn, tells the party about the encounter with the urchin, and notices 1 silver was missing, but the urchin (Tabitha) left her a drawing of herself.
  • Scarlett is unsure of this and what to do, but Tabitha then joins the party, apologizes for taking a silver, gives Scarlett a letter from the person wanting to hire her, and shows Scarlett her drawings.
  • Scarlett and Merry read the letter, addressed to the two of them, and send Tabitha away with some questions for the person who wants to hire them.
  • Scarlett is then contacted with magic (sending) and asked about the job the gets some more information, being told the person seeking to hire them will write a letter a with more detail.
  • Roth goes for a few day vacation. Baeshra is confused and Roth tries to explain the concept of leisure and vacation. Roth then sneaks/stealths away.
  • Roth makes his way to the brothel, Heavenly Flowers - Mid-Range Brothel and rents a room with bed and company for 4 nights (12 platinum) with wine, a complementary massage and the company of a female half elf.
  • Baeshra, having been told by Merry about the druid, is curious, turns into a black cat and tries to find the university via roof tops.
  • Baeshra finds the large courtyard with oak tree in front of the library, and rests in cat form there for a while, seeing students and other walk past (not many people 9-10 pm at night).
  • Baeshra returns to the inn, and the party long rests in the two different locations.

Rewards Granted

The Song of the FeyWilde, 50 gold, reading room pass to the University

Missions/Quests Completed

Fey Wilde Quest

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
01 Mar 2019

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