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Session 3 Notes

General Summary

Ship - Waters Unknown Summer, 2nd Moon, 5th Day (Duama)

  • The party wakes in the hold of the ship, Roth is hungerover
  • This is not the first time Roth has had this happen
  • Roth is locked in a cage with 3 other people, he notices 2 other cages that also holds serveral other peole from The Frowning Eel - Docks/Poor Inn/Tavern and some who the party has never seen before
  • Roth then finds his hidden lock pick and picks the lock to get out of the cage
  • Roth then finds teapots and tries to attack the sailors who come down into the hold with all the cages
  • Roth and the rest of the party are subdued by a magical item and them are all put back into the cages
  • Roth is able to break back out, as the sailors did not find his lock pick, and search through the cargo to find daggers hidden in the bottom crate
  • Fiske starts to hear voices in languages he cannot understand
  • Baeshra transforms into a regular spider, climbs up the grate in the ceiling that is locking the party below, transforms back into lizardman and tries to break it open
  • The noise of breaking open the door/hatch is heard by the crew, Baeshra goes giant spider and fighting ensues
  • During the fighting, the party picks up cloaks and some cutlasses from crew they kill, including many sailors and they stab the cook
  • Fight continues and a Kraken starts attacking the shop, speaking telepathically to the entire crew in Abyssal
  • The party is now on deck and discover it is night, cloudy skys
  • Merry tries to negotiate with the captain to get her to release all of them in exchange for telling the captain how to get the Kraken to stop attacking the ship
  • Merry tells the captain that the Kraken is telling everyone "Release my Cleric"
  • Kraken then proceeds to kill more and more of the sailors and damage the ship
  • Merry and the Captain are talking in front of the door to the Captain's cabin
  • Roth then tries to get by and tells the Captain "I just want my gear," and she motions to a chest in the corner.
  • Roth then afixes the gloves of sticky fingers, takes the chest full of all the gear from the captain's cabin, grabs a folding boat, and promises to leave and draw the Kraken away
  • The party, plus a red Tielfing and two half elf wizards that were in the third cage, get into the folding boat and try to get away from the ship
  • Baeshra, still as a giant spider, helps to row the boat away from the Kraken and pirate ship

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
01 Feb 2018

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