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Session 29 Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Third Moon, Dular (6th Day)

  • The party discusses how they want to handle the approach into the crypt at the Temple Complex Benroth of the Raven Queen before sneaking in.
  • Roth scouts ahead and spots a shadow; the shadow spots Roth and attacks.
  • Baeshra summons 8 panthers to help fight the monsters.
  • The party, plus 8 panthers, kills 8 shadows and one greater shadow.
  • Roth reports the results to High Priestess Katrina while the rest of the party has tea with Acolyte Tome.
  • Roth recounts the creatures they killed and assumes the space is clear, as well as inquiring about the lower level, and mentioning Baeshra may have heard something there.
  • Katrina mentions she will sweep and area and send a message to Roth The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class if she needs his services again.
  • High Priestess Katrina rewards the party with 100 GP and Roth with a cloak of the Raven.
  • Roth mentions to Baeshra how much he appreciated the panthers this time, and gave each party member 20g.
  • The party returns to the inn and spends the rest of the day resting at the tavern and relaxing, party then long rests for the night.
  World Date Summer, Third Moon, Duael (7th Day)
  • Roth heads out the next morning to have lunch with Ove…Scarlet attempts to trail Roth, who spots her tailing him and sneaks away.
  • Roth goes to the Thieves Guild Office - The Crooked Quill and meeting Ove for lunch.
  • Ove mentions a job that a high level magic wielder is looking to hire an adventuring party; Ove mentions that the area should have gold, jewelry, and magical items that can be retrieved, and that there is the possibility of a monetary reward afterwards.
  • The job would take place in the far north, a desert with orcs and goliaths (Transportation provided). Departure to the job site would occur in 5 weeks, and Ove would need to know if the party will take the job in the next 4 or 5 days.
  • Ove mentions there would be 1 or 2 people from the magic wielder, who would accompany the party and assist.
  • Roth speaks to Korfel at the magic item shop The Voddoo Doll - Magic Shop about an enchantment or magic item that will allow him to move faster or farther in combat. Korfel suggest either the Haste Spell or Boots of Speed.
  • Roth decides on the boots of speed - 2500 GP, which would takes about 10 weeks to enchant. Roth requests a dark brown broken in leather pair of boots.
  • Roth gives Korfel 5 rubies as down payment (which counts as 225 GP toward the purchase), and the boots are expected to be done by the 2nd moon of winter. Korfel will magically communicate with Roth the boots are complete
  • Korfel mentions he made the cloak of the raven, and is pleased both Roth and Branwen like it.
  • Roth and Korfel continue to chat and Roth mentions the Order of the Golden Tower. Korfel knows of a wizard at the university, Marlies (Korfel is unsure of the name), who is a retiring member of the order, and the university has a great deal of excitement as they’re attempting to pick the next member of the order from the university. Marlies specializes in teleportation/transportation magic.
  • Korfel also knows Dr. Sigurd von Ruffles, teacher of Freya, who specializes in magical runes.
  • Roth shows the rune from the hags to Korfel, which he understands is a anti-fish rune, and he eventually agrees to trade knowledge of the rune, which Korfel copies, for a scroll of darkness.
  • Roth then thanks Korfel and heads back to the inn.
  • Roth reports the potential job back to the party at the inn that afternoon.

Rewards Granted

Cloak of the Bat, 100 gold, scroll of darkness

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
31 Jan 2019

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