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Session 27 Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Third Moon, Duro (4th Day)

  • Roth runs into Merry, Scarlet, and Baeshra near the pet stall
  • The group goes to the Opal Moon to sell off some rubies so that Scarlet can purchase a pet, Baeshra and Scarlett wait outside, Roth and Merry go in
  • Roth sells 5 rubies for 45 gold apiece
  • Merry presents Scarlet’s emerald to the shopkeeper, shocking her, but declines to sell it due to the price offered (325g for emerald, maybe worth 400g ish)
  • Party heads back towards the pet stall and Roth sees that the owner appears to be livid
  • Roth gives the bag of gold from the jeweler to Merry and sneaks off to the The Voddoo Doll - Magic Shop
  • Merry disguises herself with a spell and purchases the green pseudo dragon for 195 gold, while Scarlett and Baeshra hide in an alley
  • Voodoo Doll — owner is an elf with blue hair, golden eyes and skin, named Korfel, who greets Roth.
  • Roth hands over the letter from the Priestess Katrina Temple Complex Benroth ; Korfel reads the letter and has a discussion with Roth, eventually giving him a bag of holding with a 500 lb capacity
  • Roth recommends that Korfel sees High Priestess Katrina as soon as possible, as the gargoyle is a mystery the Roth did not want to investigate and the High Priestess seemed concerned about it
  • Merry, Scarlett, and Baeshra join Roth in the stores and Korfel shows magical wares to the party, including two enchanted magical instruments that catch Merry’s attention
  • Korfel also shows off some potions and spell scrolls, as well mentioning he can make custom item
  • Roth wants to affix some arcane focuses to items so Korfel refers Roth to an artificer to manufacture his requested items
  • The party leaves, and then Scarlet returns to try and sell some items
  • Scarlet sells her potion (75g) and her emerald (375g) to Korfel (who mentions a magical tattoo) and pays Roth back for the money he “donated” for the dragon
  • Group heads to the Dizzy Monkey, meets the owner (female shopkeeper with long hair named Kenna)
  • Roth purchases a viol (and case, as well as music) and drums for Baeshra for 45 gold
  • Roth stuffs the encased viol into his messenger bag (and bag of holding), Kenna is amused
  • Scarlet buys a tambourine, and her pseudo dragon is amused
  • Kenna tells Merry about issues of missing/disappearing/reappearing musician due to a piece of sheet music and Merry agrees to investigate (Baeshra says that the sheet has slight hint of conjuration magic)
  • Baeshra asks if his dragon is hungry, the dragon projects a leafy green plant image to Baeshra, despite having eaten a goodberry, so Baeshra feeds it another goodberry and is confused
  • Fiske finishes his failed attempt to get into the University and speak with the librarian.
  • Fiske then heads to Fleet Feet Delivery Service, paying 5g to send two rubies to his mother by way of Harris Archer
  • Roth then breaks off for lunch, and Baeshra, Merry and Scarlett head to the The Sapphire Sun - Jewlery Store
  • At the Thieves Guild Office - The Crooked Quill, Roth meets the owner and eventually tells her that he’s a member of the guild from Lismoran
  • The owner introduces him to Valida, a dwarf and a fence, who purchases 10 rubies from Roth (40 gold per ruby, paid in platinum) with an agreement that no “above-ground” owners in the city would receive them
  • Merry sells 7 rubies at the Sapphire Sun (40 gold apiece), and sells an emerald for 43 gold
  • Merry returns to the Voodoo Doll and buys the Pipes of Haunting from Korfel for 375 gold
  • Merry, Scarlett, and Baeshra return to the inn and set up a small band outside to play for those in the square, they earn 12g
  • The whole party celebrates with ‘Goat of Friendship’, including the pets, Philip meets the pseduo dragons and it seems to go well, Brawen also meets the pseudo dragons and makes peace with Baeshra
  • Merry has a date with the Tabaxi, Cloud it goes well, and she would like to see him again
  • Baeshra names his dragon, draconic for "black poison"
  • Roth attempts to stealth out, but both Cloud and Wilmar see him and wish him a good night
  • Roth visits the temple and speaks with High Priestess Katrina, who asks him to investigate a creature that’s probably staying in the crypt and causing deaths nearby
  • Katrina tells Roth to speak with Acolyte Tome during the day, as Tome keeps the keys to the crypt at daytime, and he is free to bring others with him to help investigate
  • Roth leaves the temple through a side entrance and heads back to the inn, party long rests

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
03 Jan 2019

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