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Session 26 Notes

General Summary

World Date Summer, Third Moon, Duash (3rd Day)

  • The boat begins to dock at the city of Benroth
  • Captain Auda Grindsoon speaks to Roth about the remainder of the balance due, from 35 (7 per person) bargains down 30 (6 per person)
  • The Capt Auda mentions a tavern and a few places to shop as well as suggesting that you not do any large magics in public.
  • The party then meets the customs/military who check for trade goods and contraband, and everyone is allowed to enter the city
  • The second and third mate direct you to The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class and the party meets Wilmar, the owner/tavern keeper
  • The party then rents 3 rooms for the week (1 Roth, 1 Fiske, 1 Scarlett, Merry, and Baeshra, and goes to explore the city separately
  • Baeshra stays in his room while the others leave
  • Scarlet asks Roth to keep Philip in his room; Roth sends her to Fiske, then heads downstairs to ask Willmer where the temple complex is
  • Fiske allows Philip to stay in his room, and gives him some more salt water from the magic jug
  • Roth goes to the temple and meets an acolyte and then the high priestess of the Raven Queen at the temple complex, and makes a report on the temple on Brell island
  • Roth gives the bag of holding with a gargoyle(?) to the high priestess in return for a letter to the The Voddoo Doll - Magic Shop that should allow him to obtain another bag; Roth is asked to return in a day or two to assist the temple
  • Roth notices 3 street urchins watching him and asked one about the way to the guild (he assumes thieves guild the urchins mentions something about a wizard, Roth tossed a silver coin in the air and left while the urchins were distracted/squabbling over the coin
  • Fiske finds a ship heading to Resonate at the Dock Master's office and attempts to send a ruby to Harris at the Frowning Eel but thinks the sailor will just steal the ruby (and the 2nd one offered in payment), so he takes the rubies back and leaves
  • Fiske casts sending twice (using his sending stone) and learns that his mother, Harris, and Lucinda are fine and that he should use the Fleet Feet Courier Company to send rubies/gold to Harris Archer or his mother
  • Merry performs on the street and attempts to find any rumors/gossip; she earns 9 GP and a business card to the Dizzy Monkey Music Shop
  • Merry inquires to Willmer, who tells Merry that the Dizzy Monkey is a legitimate music store/company for hiring musicians and mentions that there are some musicians who have gone missing recently
  • Scarlet attempts to buy a pet/find someone to sell a pet to her, but is distracted by the smell of tamales, and wanders around the main market square
  • Baeshra comes down from the room and requests raw meat from Willmer; Willmer bludgeons two pigeons and offers them to Baeshra, who eats the raw.
  • Baeshra has no clue what money is when Willmer asks for payment.
  • Willmer gets payment from Roth when he returns (who bargains Willmer down from the initial price and discovers that Willmer really enjoyed bludgeoning the pigeons to death
  • Roth asks Willmer about 1) a bath with hot water and 2) jewelry stores (2 stores - Opal moon and Sapphire sun), Roth then takes a hot bath
  • Merry and Roth agree to go to one store and report the price offered back to each other
  • Roth sneaks out of the inn and into the poorer parts of the city to find the guild; thieves’ cant signs lead to the Crooked Quill (closed for the night Roth heads back to the inn.
  • The party then heads to bed for the evening, after Merry requests a bottle be put aside for her date the following evening
  • Baeshra knocks on Roth's door to asks him about money and how it works and mentions that he doesn’t consider Philip a friend, since he didn’t partake of the goat of friendship
  • Roth explains money, trade, etc., and suggests that Baeshra goes with Merry in the morning to learn some more
  • Merry casts invisibility on herself, goes to the temple of Mask, and leaves 5 gold on the alter, then returns to the inn to sleep
  World Date Summer, Third Moon, Duro (4th Day)
  • Willmer serves the party porridge for breakfast; Baeshra casts goodberry, as there is no meat; Roth, Baeshra, and Scarlett enjoy a goodberry
  • Roth asks Willmer to get some goat kebabs (enough for 10) and pays 1 gp for it
  • Merry/Scarlet/Baeshra head to sapphire sun; owner is Vigo, who offers 40 GP for each cut ruby
  • Roth heads to the Opal Moon; owner is Veronica, a dwarf with pink hair; offer is 45 GP per ruby for 5 rubies and 47 GP for a diamond
  • Roth purchases a silver wire “bracelet” with black glass beads for Branwen
  • Fiske attempts to find Julie Willhelmson at the library in the Magical University
  • Fiske does not have a letter or paperwork, so he is forced to leave a note for Julie with the guard, who asks him to return tomorrow
  • Merry/Scarlet/Baeshra find a woman selling pets (Soren Pet vendor has two pseudo dragons that Scarlett/Baeshra are interested in (200 GP) the black pseudo dragon is interested in Baeshra, who created a fiery pseudo dragon to entice it
  • Baeshra casts ‘Charm Person’ on Soren and convinces her to sell the black pseudo dragon to Baeshra for 140 GP and 1 ruby (180-190gp)
  • Soren mentions that there are some to-do at the magical university, which is why the pseudo dragons have not sold yet
  • Scarlett wants to come back later and buy the dark green pseudo dragon

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
28 Dec 2018

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