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Session 20 Notes

General Summary

Brell - Swamp near ruins - World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Fisten (20th Day)

  • Baeshra finishes skinning the snake
  • Party (except Baeshra) heads to the tower
  • Merry convinces Baeshra to come with the group
  • Party walks 2-3 hours to the tower, which has a walled courtyard around the tower, which is cobblestone, 50'x50'
  • Roth does not see any traps, but tosses in a handful of ball bearings - nothing happens
  • Party enters the courtyard and Roth spots an illusory door
    • Above the door a message about the stones and a riddle
  • Fiske solves the riddle and we are able to open/enter the door
  • First room inside is 20x20, with a compass rose on the marble floor, two suits of armor in the corners and a tapestry
  • Roth throw a dart at a suit of armor and misses
  • Merry casts a spell and an extra lightning blasts the two suits of armor due to a wild magic surge
  • Recognizing what happened, Roth tells the group not to cast any magic spells (not that they're going to listen)
  • Roth finds a cane with the word 'Escape' on the handle - I pull it out of the umbrella stand and stuff it in my pack
  • Suits of armor begin moving - we attack and I duck out of the room, back into the courtyard to fight from a range
  • Party takes down the two suits of armor
  • Roth taps the 'Escape' staff on the compass rose - nothing happens
  • Roth examines the tapestry on the wall - a beach scene with 'Come to me and escape' on it
  • Roth taps the sand with the cane, nothing happens
  • Scarlet grabs my shoulder and tells me to tap the word 'Escape'
  • Roth does so and Scarlet and Roth arrive in a hallway with another door at the end, the rest of the party is not there
  • The rest of the party then takes the time to tap on the tapestry and Baeshra, Rachel, and Fiske then arrive in the all way
  • The new door has a message above it - Roth then raps on the door with the staff and get blasted back by magic
  • Scarlett raps the door 3 times and it opens - we continue on into a room largely taken up by a chessboard floor
  • After experimenting with the room, Merri solves the puzzle (2 people had to stand on 2 red squares at the same time) which she discovered when she looked at the tiles on the ceiling which almost mirrored the floor
  • We continue on to a reception room with food, beverages, tables, a couch, arm chairs, a door on the other side of the room and 3 paintings - a field of poppies, an office desk, and a ship at a stormy sea
  • Roth taps the office scene with the staff and hear a metallic shifting noise coming from the painting, so, on Scarlett's suggestion, Roth reachs into the painting and grab the keys off the desk
  • Scarlett tries to replicate this with the poppies, but has no luck - Roth manage to snag two red poppies from the painting and give them to her
  • Baeshra burns half of the seascape in a fit of unhappiness, as the scene reminds him of us escaping the Kraken
  • Merry starts eating and Fiske has another one of his moments and uses thaumaturgy to tell everyone to be less careless
  • Fiske's bout of wild magic summons
    • some metallic creature
    • a unicorn names Aregaus Windsong (whom Roth chats with in Silvan and provide him with some bourbon)
    • a feather beard for Fiske
    • another metallic creature
  • Roth stay in the corner away from Fiske until the magic subsides
  • Roth attempt to steal lightning from the burned painting above the fireplace with no success
  • Roth opens the next door with the keys that I took from the painting and we arrive at a foyer with a note from 'Sir Gregori Leaf' of the Golden Tower wizards - we are evidently accepted as his students for solving the puzzles and arriving
  • Scarlett and Roth head to the library to explore; Merry goes upstairs while Fiske goes to the kitchen, and Baeshra goes to sleep in front of the fireplace in the study
  • In the library, there are two chairs in front of a fireplace with a burning fire (but no wood/fuel)
  • On the desk, Roth see some paperwork, a map, notes on a chimera, a drawing of a pyramid, a book in an unknown language, and 2 scrolls - Roth sweeps all of these into his pack (Scrolls are scrying and chain lightning)

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
27 Sep 2018
Primary Location
Brell Ruins
Secondary Location
Wizards's Tower

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