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Session 15 Notes

General Summary

Back to the Mines (part 4)- World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Ruavan (13th Day)

  • While sneaking out, Roth notices that the dust he threw in the previously empty niche has reformed into part of a base
  • As the party is leaving, Roth sneaks back to pick up this piece of stone, which he adds to the bag of holding, and he removes some other items from the bag of holding
  • The party is now unsure what, if anything is now reformed and in the bag of holding
  • The party explores 1 level up in the mine from the main level, and finds nothing
  • The party then heads up another level, Roth flips the token to determine a direction; the coin suggests left, and the party finds 3 uncut rubies there
  • Going down the opposite tunnel, they party fights and dispatches 3 skeletons and a will o wisp that Baeshra takes on almost alone, as his shifted wolf form fills the entire tunnel
  • The party looks in the room beyond where the will o wisp was and finds a body that is "fresher" than the miners where
  • Upon inspecting the body, Roth finds a silver locket with a miniature painting of red headed women, which he gives to Scarlett
  • The party then goes up another floor, with Baeshra going spider form and taking the party up the mine shaft
  • The party heads back to the level with the elementals, where the party handed over the rubies to be cut/polished (3 more rubies)
  • The party explores the rest of the level, after which Baeshra suggests we order the elementals to go home
  • Roth then uses the disk to send the elementals back to where they came from, telling them that their contract was complete
  • The party then returns to town around dinnertime/dusk
  • Roth stealthed back to the inn to avoid talkative children
  • The party gets drinks/dinner and over hears the fishermen talking about the catch being less than normal
  • Roth tells Fiske to "tend to your people" and he then grabs a drink and heads upstairs
  • Fiske then attempts to get information about the successful fishermen and the healed child, yet he was failed miserable and is very awkard
  • Fiske's boat in Resonata was called the "Happy Trout"
  • Fiske then talked Merry into getting info and she does from the fishermen's wife, spinning a tale of woe about the sick child of a friend
  • Merry will go speak with the parents to get particulars, the Helga & Caulder Rosett who own the Pearl Prize, and live in a house with a green door across the square
  • Roth then returns to the bar, grabs two more drinks and goes back upstairs
  • Party sleeps/long rest

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
05 Jul 2018
Primary Location
Brell Island Ruby Mine

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