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Session 14 Notes

General Summary

Back to the Mines (part 3)- World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Ruaoth (12th Day)

  • Taking some time, Roth picks the lock on the south door
  • Baeshra pushes open the door
  • The party sees a long hallway with multiple doors evenly spaced on either side
  • There are columns on the wall between the doors
  • Roth begins to examine doors, and finds they are all locked, the first one trapped
  • The door opposite it is also locked, but not trapped
  • Merry investigates some of the columns at the end of the hallway and gets caught in ta trap
  • Roth opens the second rooms and sees a stone sarcophagus and a vase on top of it, something is off to him about the vase, so he leaves it alone
  • Merry then opens another door, finds another stone sarcophagus, this one with a holy symbol on top of it
  • All of the rooms contain stone sarcophagus, some with trapped doors, some not
  • In the rooms, the party finds 3 vials, metal armor, a warpick, and some healing scroll
  • Merry grabs multiple gems from another room, pocketed 1, and tossed 2, which Roth caught, an emerald worth 75 gp
  • Another room had the same sarcophagus with a mail shirt featured an image of crossed axes
  • In all the commotion of raiding and exploring, another 4 armed skeleton appeared
  • Party defeats creature, another short sword, dagger and two war picks, all +1
  • Roth goes back to the room with the vase, and attempts to remove it, and triggered a trap
  • Party moves back to the main chamber, where Merry decides to sit on the throne, and gets trapped for awhile before escaping
  • Roth searches the area for hidden rooms while Baeshra and Scarlett pry the giant emerald from the throne
  • Party decides to rest in the second small chamber with alter, as it is a dead end room with working door
  • Roth takes first two watches, finds notes in the journal about an arsenic compound poision
  • The party finishes their long rest and Fiske looks outside to investigate the chamber
  • Fiske sees that the two gargolyes at the far end of the main hall have reformed in their niches
  • The party decides not the fight them again, and sneaks out of the main chamber to the other side room with tunnel leading up

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
21 Jun 2018
Primary Location
Brell Island Ruby Mine

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