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Session 13 Notes

General Summary

Back to the Mines (part 2)- World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Ruaoth (12th Day)

  • In the Brell Island Ruby Mine , Roth sweeps up 400lbs of gargoyle dust, redistributes items in the bag of holding to other bags
  • Roth then muses about a butterfly type frame to hold open the bag of holding
  • Continues to explore on the base level, Roth finds an uncut ruby
  • The party keeps exploring, more int a tunnel that appears to the made in a different manner
  • Tunnels appears to slope downward, walls are splattered with substance, looks to tbe caused be a flight, likely blood/body parts
  • Descending further, the party spots a 4 armed skeleton, it moves forward and attacks the first person in the line, Baeshra
  • The flight is hard, Baeshra goes down and Merry revives him, Baeshre then goes giant wolf
  • After the wolf manages to knock the skeleton down, the party can attack from both sides, and the creature is defeated
  • The party gets 1 dagger, 1 short sword, and 2 war picks (all +1 weapons)
  • The party descends into a small chamber where Scarlett looks for rubies and is unsuccessful
  • The chamber looks as if the miners tunneled into an existing space, and it is a room with carved walls and an altar
  • After clearing the collapsed stone off the altar - there is a symbol of a forge and fire, which Fiske tells the party is good dwarven deity
  • Roth grabs his flask and pours out an offering to the god, and takes a drink himself, feels slight warmth on his back
  • Peering into the next room, there are 6 large columns, 4 have niches and 3 of those 4 have gargoyles like the one the party just fought, though 1 is damaged
  • Roth stealthed and looked for traps, finding a pressure plate that may trigger a trap
  • Roth then put some gargoyle dust from the vanquished gargoyle in the empty niche and the dust seems to be happy
  • Roth reports this finding to the group
  • Baeshra explores with Roth, who asks him to cast detect magic
  • The two gargoyles in niches as the end of the room glow magically, so the party attacks and dispatches of them
  • The small room across the main chamber is explored, and the there is a mirroring chamber with altar, and holy symbol of an emerald over a mountain
  • In the main chamber there was a gold dais in the center, with a gold throne set with a giant emerald
  • The second altar has what appears to be undead/dead, dwarves mining, exploring underground
  • Roth recalled some teachings about a dwarven god of the dead or mining, also know as the secret keeper, who should not be at oods with the Raven Queen, so Roth pours out another libation
  • The party heads towards the door at the south of the chamber, where they have not been yet, they believe it is about 4 pm

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
14 Jun 2018
Primary Location
Brell Island Ruby Mine

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