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Unusual Brawl

[COUNTRY OF REGION] Militia was in their city when Militia from another country came to their aid as they had minimal numbers for the coming war. However, that war never came since it was a farce or things were said in haste of the moment. A different war was then met when they had a friendly game while in wait. When the game finished, a loud laugh was heard and then a slap on the cheek. How loud the slap was, one thought it might have been too hard on the face, but the man was seen rubbing his behind and fuming at the face. A brawl then ensued between the two once joined forces, now opposing one another…  


Rumours have many theories to how this all began. Some say it was all a lie and never happened, although this could be a lie in itself to keep the embarrassing history at bay. Records say that there indeed was a brawl that broke out between the forces, but no casualties, mysteriously. For how angry they were, one would expect there to be some. Others say the reason for casualties is because someone from the outside used Spirit Magic to tire them out, so no one died for absolutely no reason.  

Truth or Fiction?

Some have done their own detective work on this piece of amusing history and they conclude that there indeed was some unseen Abominations at work, playing with their minds as if for their own amusement of destructive behaviour. These soldiers nearly ended each other for nothing at all.  
When you really look at this case, it’s hilarious! Think abou’ it, Abominations seem to have a deadly kind of humour, not at all like ours, of course. But these jokers didn’t even figure out that they were being used and darn near killed each o’her!
~ Amateur Record Detective

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