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Tree Resource

General Uses

In the region of [NAME] there is a tree that grows here and no where else. This [TREE] as a whole is used, so there is no waste. The leaves are used as mulch, medicinal properties, and aroma oils. These particular leaves are not good for drying them for the purpose of tea. Just don’t do it. However, it’s flowers petals are potent for tea, only a little is necessary for both aroma and taste. Best tea in the world of Mara are from this [TREE]’s flowers.   The bark of this tree is quite strong, so special spirit-filled equipment is needed to take these down. Its wood is used for many things, from buildings, structures, decorations, toys, and even some jewelry. The texture of this wood is not flexible due to it’s strength and heaviness. The structures it is capable of holding is very popular for its sturdiness and protects art in its frame. It’s made is such a way that if a painting or picture were to fall from a high place, it wouldn’t damage the face of the art.  


This product is distributed in many ways, but needs a very strong Blessed animal’s help for transport. Either by sea or land, and by these Blessed animals they also provide protection against bandits with the help of a few Guardsmen as well. It is rare that this product ever gets stolen due to it’s weight alone. However, it’s leaves and petals are a different story as they are very light in weight. Due to the popularity of these products they are almost always shipped along with the wood to ensure safety and financial preservation. Because the wood is difficult to transport, this shipment takes a while to get from point to point due to taking rests. Even so, this product is high in demand and is quite expensive, so only rich places are able to afford them.

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