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Spirit Magic Vessels & Amplifiers

There are many kinds of stones, rocks or crystals that can be used as a power source or power amplifier from Spirit Magic. These tools have been known and used since the dawn of humanity. However, many have developed their own theologies and beliefs of these natural gems. It is widely known that birth gems are best used for that person for the month they were born in. Stones and crystals have been used to imbue Spirit Magic into them where the stone itself acts as a beacon depending on its size and how much is instilled.  




These are a sign of strength which all differ from one another, and is best when using a stone from one’s birth month. It is not known why this is, but studies show significant detail in volume. These are non-metallic solids  


These can be hard or soft and each have its mineral properties consisting of one or multiple minerals. These minerals act as guidance for Spirit Magic, so it is ever in flowing. Significant of the Living Water, overflowing.  


These form from a liquid into a sometimes clear but often times cloudy solid, though can be made in various colours. Though they have strength inside, they are quite soft on the surface, hence easily shattered. However, they are best for containing Spirit Magic in its delicate nature. However, that is all it will do. Unlike rocks with its multi-mineral properties, crystals cannot conduct Spirit Magic.  

Heaven's Harmony

When these three are used together, it creates harmony for the user and ease of use of their Spirit Magic. It is also symbolic of the Bright One’s characteristics: Father, Son and Spirit. These three make one and one of three in harmony. This was known as Heaven’s Harmony until humans made a name for themselves by following deception, and began rewriting everything He created.

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