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Secret Symbols

There are two secret symbols in this world that no one is able to see, except those that are already made of spirit. The only way for the people of this world to "see" this symbol on people's foreheads is if they are specifically told or shown by spirits, be they fallen angels or heavenly angels, or by near death experiences.   These two symbols are: a Cross and a Serpent. The Cross represents those who have been inwardly transformed and have their name written in the Heavenly Scroll, which only the Radiant King Himself can see. The Serpent, now this can either be on their foreheads or their right hand, and represents those who have chosen to work for the Keeper of Darkness or as they call it, Keeper of Light. Depending on how deep one is into their way of life, the symbols take on slightly different shapes.   These symbols are the representatives of the powers that be unseen in the world, and are at war with each other. The world of Mara can't see the war happening, at least not in their face, but if one has "eyes to see" they begin to perceive glimpses of these spirits at war - while the world of Mara is in the middle of it. There are many of these Serpent symbols across the world and viewed as something good or of a certain light. They take the form of jewelry, small statues, to specialized pens. These symbols don't have any power in of themselves, but serve as a way of life, worn on their persons and as a means of secrect society. Many don't believe in the power of either entities hold and certainly do not believe in any of its symbolism... but just because one doesn't believe in them does not mean they don't exist.

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