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Prismerial (Pris-mehree-all)

A type of bird that is magical in nature and yet also physical in the world of Miria. The females are naturally smaller than the males and they are about half the size of a Falcon. Their beaks have a slight curve for carrying ease, however their talons are strong and able to carry more than what their beaks can handle. Often they are mistaken for being a carnivore because of their talons. Their feathers are a rainbow of colours and often changing colours like the tides of the sea. They are most sought after due to this phenomena. In the sun their feathers reflect its brilliance with light colours, and during the night the feathers reflect the moon’s glow with sharper colours - that they themselves act like a lamp. They also have three, long tail feathers and all have one main colour which shimmers into other shades of that main colour: Red, blue and purple.  


There are many uses for these birds from their feathers to their helpful intelligence of the land for farmers. Their feathers are so sought after that they have become an endangered species. These feathers are exquisitely expensive due to their appearance and magical properties that enhance one’s Spirit Magic. Due to their continuous light, it is hard for them to hide from dangerous mankind. Their talons are white like pearls with a pink or blue hue to them, which are also used to make into jewelry. Prismerials can also pass along messages to people. These birds also help find seeds and bring them to their owner, or sow the seeds on their own. Many times they are known to sow them, but there is the odd bird where the seeds are dropped next to their owner, or a human in need in which case they are also called Blessing Birds.  


There is a secret place for these birds to breed in safety and by the rumours, are becoming less of an endangered species. They are willing to help by giving us their resources rather than killing them for it.  
These poor birds are a dying breed! People have so much greed in their heart and take rather than wait for them to give gifts....
~ Wise Native Woman

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