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HQ of Serpents

Normally, the Serpents will use any building they choose after hours to have their secret meetings. However, they do have their own Headquarters building to call home. Over the years the buildings they had used before became too small from more recruits and magical (spirit) technology. However, a new order coming from Samil Tonge’s father as Leader or President of the Serpents; before Samil accepted his torch, that there will be one Headquarters for the President, his assistant, and a select few of excellently skilled Masters to be present with him. Meanwhile the others will have their own buildings governed by its Masters not chosen to be at Headquarters.  


The official Headquarters is somewhere hidden underground with its own source of light, while the upper building, above ground, looks to be an abandoned mansion. Perhaps it is disguised this way to keep away from prying eyes, making it shrouded in dark mist and entangled in overgrown plants. Perhaps one day the underground won’t be necessary and they can lift the disguise for the building, but that is yet to come. For now, they hide in darkness working on the raising of the Dragon King.  


The President’s job is to oversee all his subordinates, making sure they are doing their part exactly, delay or stop the workings of the Cross (Saints), and research who the Dragon King will be as they await his awakening. The Assistant does whatever is ordered to do and is also an overseer as well. Whatever information is found they are to reports back to the President. Masters are like bodyguards or can be used as such. They act as the Look Out for prying eyes and are usually unseen or undetected by normal people. The rest of the members carry out missions without question.   Failure to act is not acceptable and prone to banishment of the organization of the Serpents, usually accompanied by death as they work in secrecy.

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