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Guns of Gunnar


Guns of Gunnar, a movement that has been going on since the fallen world began, but with each Millennia seemingly worse how close they are to full leadership in the world today. A man named Gunnar began this very small campaign in the beginning and grew in great numbers to this day. He was a man who grew up rich and everything was handed down to him without ever lifting a spoon. He was called in his day the “Golden Boy” which was, in his day, to call him spoiled. But Gunnar himself did not take this as an insult, but rather took on the title itself as his own. This turned out to serve him rather than put him in his place by setting up such a movement for all the Privileged.  

Golden Boy

This Gunnar culture is operated by the born of riches while they are served by the underclassmen. The Upperclassmen do not care for the poor or less fortunate, but are greedy and never satisfied. This counter culture doesn’t necessarily believe in any of the Two Powers, but there have been accounts where people have either witnessed or heard of the Serpents being part of their circle. Unbeknown to the Unbelievers that they are being used to serve a more full purpose, to raise up the Dragon King. Although they do not believe doesn’t mean that he doesn’t exist. At some point, the family leader of Gunnar will be overturned to the Serpents to fulfill that purpose.  

Paving the Way for GoG

While this is going on behind the scenes, away from the public, those who claim to be in Gunnar’s movement, and are not but think they are, are used to bring about chaos to the public. The point of this pulling of strings is to lessen the population all over the world of Mara, so the Guns of Gunnar can thrive without a revolution of the lesser civilians.

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