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Emond Blake


One of [NAME]’s closest and trusted friends, possibly the only one from the Serpents organization. Emond is also part of [LAW ENFORCEMENT] to blend in with the rest of the public and of course to build up a reputation. Everything seems easy for him from school to getting into law enforcement. He has hardly had to work hard for anything and it might very well have to do with how he carries himself. A natural when it comes to being social.  

Serpents Home

Emond’s true place is with the Serpents, even though he plays as a double-agent, he is never confused about anything and it could be noted that his conscience has been seared. Even though the Serpents act in the background for now, they’re true colours are shown to their victims as cold, emotionless people. A split personality and Emond plays his part well.  


Emond’s job is to gather intel for the organization, especially if there is news about the Cross Saints in what they are doing. The Serpents want to disrupt them as much as possible because the Cross Saints are against the upbringing of the Dragon King. Recently, Emond has been tasked with befriending [FEMALE MAIN NAME]to eventually find the right time to capture her for his dear friend. To do this, Emond had to task another to keep Zarah in line with the Orphanage so the organization is in the know and to keep the kids under their thumb. They want to teach these children lies and deceive them from the Cross Saints. The Serpents want them to be ready for the coming of the Dragon King, so they can keep feeding him their Spirit Magic by their own will.   All this is happening meanwhile Emond has a reputation of being reliable, friendly and easy to get along with.
Ruled Locations

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