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Shade of Heart

Condition of the Heart

Since the Fall of Creation, kin-souls (people) have been born with a certain condition. This sightless state was made through the works of darkness through the Crimson Dragon, Geddeon. From the beginning, this once bright star turned abomination, sown an illness in form of a seed in the hearts of all the Bright One's beloved kin-souls.
On a grand scale, this kind of sickness or blindness has covered and hardened the hearts of all Mirians; and they are not even aware of it. At lease, not at first and most of the time, not ever realizing it.

Why and How This Happened

It is written that Geddeon was both jealous and wondering why the Bright One did not use His power when He could. The problem was born when Geddeon thought he could surpass his God and do a better job at it. He did not understand his God's character and thus became a poison to himself and other stars around him.

Darkness Unseen and Remedy

The condition cannot be physically seen, but through a means of different lenses. Through close watch and careful listening to those around, the Blight can be witnessed in this way. Only if a kin-soul has been awakened will they be able to perceive it and act against it. By those who have been awakened by becoming Sojourners of Light and to be awakened is by the Bright One sowing the seed of Faith.
Not so He can dictate decisions made by kin-souls, but to give them a choice and not to be doomed wandering in darkness.
The Sojourners of Light call this invisible plague the Blight. It is considered more deadly than any physical disease, to the Sojourners of Light and the Bright One.

Causes from Within

An outward and inward appearance of behavoiur void of belief in the Bright One.

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