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Angelic Spirit


This secret organization family uses a magical code where a plain stick turns into a snake. Careful that no one is trying to infiltrate them, they also pose this magical code as a test. If one decides to pick up the snake and it turns back into a stick, it means one of two things: They are either an unbeliever and have not passed through the arch-like door way or they are a believer of the Bright One, in which case they pass through a different gate, the Mirror Gate/Door.   Another kind of code language they use is through how they communicate with each other when on a mission. A lot of the time the members that are posted there cannot stay without causing concern for the public, like a potential criminal looking for their victim. They want to be behind the scenes as much as possible for easy travel and fast planning. They will usually leave a magical trace of their Serpent mark somewhere at a location and leave further instructions.  


This family has either a dying language or a hidden one as they don’t use it too often or only as they need to. This code is unique because it is a language that is only through song. It can also be used as a beacon of light for nearby listeners of believers in the Radiant King. They would instantly understand it’s meaning upon hearing the one who sings, passing along a message to them. This is a mysterious language because it doesn’t act like one that is only used for communication as it has power to gather even those who do not believe, even they themselves don’t know why they are drawn to it.   This is known as the Angel’s Song because of it’s gentleness and harmony if more than one singer is present.

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