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An Herbally Fake Condition

There are various drugs and medicine, both from man-made labs and natural plants, that do many things to the body. However there is one category that seems popular among many: a type of herb that when dried and then burned gives off a pleasing aroma. Breathing it in for just a few minutes will unlock a place in the mind’s eye that always seemed closed. Suddenly things seen become different, more alive and more vibrant than before. Even knew knowledge can come from this kind of journey. It also seems to replenish one’s spirit completely.   However, because of such a discovery government officials began to control this type of herb with its potent properties. Testing in labs they then created a synthetic version of the natural herb into a small pill. Calling it a medicinal chemical to treat illness of spirit or low spirit and other causes or conditions, it was then distributed to the public. What they didn’t tell their citizens was that the drug was only tested swiftly, too quickly than the medical staff liked.   Months later many became ill to the point of death. Though the numbers were low on the death count, doctors later learned that the amount of the synthetic drug the patients were being treated with was far too much, and should not have been using it as often as they were prescribed. Many became addicts and were in a state of what the doctor’s call Berserk. These patients had to be sedated until they could wait for the drug to fizzle inside the body.   It was clear to the people that their government was all about money and not for them at all, which led to a civil war where they destroyed all their lab-created poison to control the masses with.

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