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A Joyous Arrival

A kind of happy transport vehicle known as Blessed Mounts come in many forms: from majestic cats to wondering wolves and burrowing groundhogs for underground pathways. Not all have wings for flight just like not all have a skill for digging or swimming across the ocean. They take on a larger form when they transform in the need to get to another place quickly. They look like normal animals from all over the world of Mara, but not all are blessed from the Bright One or cursed from the Dragon King. From either Power, both types of mounts bring joy depending on their perception.  

The Difference

Whenever an individual makes the decision to go through the Mirror Gate or Door, the Bright One will bestow His Blessing upon a chosen animal to become a Blessed Mount for that person. Not only is it the mounts’ job to bring joy where ever it arrives, but also to protect the rider.   In the case of the Dragon King’s Cursed Mounts, they have an evil sense to them as if they were forced into becoming something unnatural. Almost equal to that of Abominations, but yet different because the animal was first created by the Bright One. Abominations are not. For an individual to gain a Cursed Mount they have to pledge their lives to the Dragon King. For that to happen, they are to go through a Mirror Door like the Bright One’s, but looks different. The outside of the face is decked in gold and jewels while the face has nothing in it. It’s like they walk through an arch.  

Specific Location

The Blessed Mounts seem most joyous when getting close to the heart of Mara, the seemingly floating island, surrounded by rushing with water and mist. Cursed Mounts go berserk when getting too close to the heart of Mara, it’s quite a twisted kind of joy they express.

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