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Asphodel is the largest continent of Mirendakor. It covers approximately Five million square miles ranging approximately 2,000 miles (north to south) by 3,000 miles (east to west). It is home to a wide variety of cultures and nations. From the icy northern lands to the lush and tropical jungles, Asphodel has everything – mountains, forests, deserts, polar wastelands, swamps, grasslands and even a few areas that were not formed by nature. There is a small amount of intercontinental travel between Asphodel and the other two continents. For the most part, the other two lands are distant and legendary places that an occasional cargo ship will come back from with rare and exotic goods.   Asphodel is a thriving, progressive continent in comparison to the other two continents of Mirendakor. It is a continent, where art, craftsmanship, and innovation walk hand in hand. Its power comes not through military might, but from devices fueled by the power of the Aether void itself. Asphodel has – and still is – reinventing itself as a country where fortunes can be made, and dreams can be lived. Subsidiaries of the clockwork accord fund development in the most incredible endeavors: grand artistic follies, esoteric Aethertech research, and architectural monuments to their power. With ever more inventors delving into the emergent lore of Aethertech, Asphodel has become a lodestone for the most skilled craftsmen the world over. Asphodel's constant eye towards advancement allows its populace to be as varied as the cities and towns they inhabit, yet they share a particular character. The people of Asphodel are typically self-reliant, expects nothing for free and always tries to do their best. They oppose outside interference and see an open and free market as essential to the nation's continued prosperity.    

The Nation of Tomorrow

Asphodel cities are always bustling, with ships coming to and from every other major city every day. Each member of Asphodel's Craft Houses has their own insignia to identify their homes, workshops, expeditions, sheds, inventions, brands, and places of business. Each insignia has many meanings and interpretations, some obvious, some not so obvious. Asphodel's streets are said to be paved with gold, but to the disappointment of many hopeful travelers, this is a simple metaphor. However, the continent's most splendid structures and streets are founded by mercantile clans, who display their wealth whenever they can. The interiors of Asphodel buildings are no less ornate than the exterior and are often wonders of technological ingenuity in themselves. Asphodel's new structures are graceful mixtures of polished marble, bronze trusses and sparkling glass that adjoin older buildings made of carved stone and weathered wood. Pleated towers crusted with gold and silver extend into the clear skies, with arched bridges spanning pits between the hilltops. It is common for entrances to commercial buildings to be incredibly elaborate. Even homes that precede Aethertech technology have since been adorned with elaborate details to further reinforce the impression that Asphodel is a city drowned in gold    

Law and Order

The Watchers are men and women tasked with upholding Asphodel's law. The organization is supplied by "donations" the Exo-Guardians, arming the Watchers with uniforms and equipment. Many of these donations take the form of unique Aethertech technology, such as weapons or other specialized devices. Jago, the current master of the Medarda Clan, commands immense respect and power through Asphodel. With income from his father's piston patents, Jago funds research that studies how to use Aethertech to speed up the Aether Ships .    


Aethertech is the development of the company at the head of the Clockwork Accord, Aethertek Design Systems. It is the fusion of magic and technology, used to create exquisite artifacts that can be used by anyone, not just those with an aptitude for the arcane arts. It harnesses the magical power contained in extremely rare crystals and its power is limited only by the imagination of its users. It is capable of incredible feats, from powering machines to creating beams of light that can cut through the strongest steel. The original Aethertek creation process is a patent kept under lock and key by Aethertek Design Systems and it is because of this that each craftsman's work uses different methods. Thus, each Aethertek item is a unique artifact of rare beauty, a custom creation that probably took years to assemble. Some items are astonishing and astonishing in themselves, such as the Vishlaa Hexlyene Caliber, originally made for Asphodel Watchers, and the designs for this Aether energy weapon have since been locked up for being considered too dangerous.

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