Wartime decree #1

In the middle of the central market in Pearlhal stands a 21-meter tall column made of black marble. In this column, people can read a royal decree given to the people of Dercia when the Principality of Clifia invaded the nation when the raids had finally escalated to full-blown war and the two countries now faced each other down in a conflict that would be known as the War of Western expansion, the text is written in three different languages, Dercian, Elvish and Common.   The decree was given about a year into the war and has never been removed from the law. Although technically, it has never been enforced, and to this day, the people of the empire see it as more of a historical footnote that they get to mock Clificans within taverns.   The decree was created by queen Eza Astalles¬†as a wartime decree¬†means that it would only be legal during wartime. As soon as a peace treaty was written, the decree would no longer be seen as still legal, so when the war ended 24 years later, most had forgotten about the decree, but over the years, it turned into an inside joke between the Dercins.

The decree

The crown with this declares that it's every citizen of this great nation's duty to help defend the realm. Therefore it is from this day, every citizen's duty when they see a Clfican grab the nearest weapon and hit them.
Decree, Royal
Authoring Date
Ratification Date
Expiration Date
Technically never
Signatories (Organizations)


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