The harbour master

Sanzir Whitestone

The harbour master as he is known to most is the one in control over the shipping going in and out of the harbour of Emitlestar.   Sanzir Whitestone would grow up in the slums of Emitlestar where he became the leader of a small gang of other children, Sanzir would at a young age seek employment at the harbour to have a legal income on the surface, at the harbour he would help to load ships and such and over the years Sanzir would climb the ranks and at the age of 185 raise to become the harbour master of Emitlestar.   As the harbour master, Sanzir and his old gang would grow to encumbrance all sorts of crimes, anything from common theft to kidnappings to demand ransoms.   In recent years Sanzir has made contact with several shady nobles and politicians from the senate in Pearlhal most of the time its "innocent" enough dealings such as them asking his gang to rob a warehouse belonging to them so they can claim insurance, or having the gang assault and beat a local politician up. At some point, Sanzir was contacted by sending spell with the task to kidnap an individual, a woman to be precise, that would enter Emitlestar soon, with the message was the mental image of a young woman with dark hair and tanned skin, and a young man only a few years older, with black hair as well as tanned skin, would look like a soldier.   Sanzir accepted the task and instructed his gang to keep an eye out at the city gates.

Mental characteristics


Sanzir didn't receive any formal education and had to learn to read and write with the help of the other workers at the harbour that could. Sanzir turned out to be a quick learner and quickly mastered the written word.


Have worked at the harbour his entire life, officially that is, while under the surface Sanzir worked as the gang leader for a group he helped form during his childhood.

Morality & Philosophy

Generally believes that the goal justifies the means, and doesn't generally have any moral troubles by ordering a hit on a rival or someone who has wronged him, and like his fellow dwarves, he can hold a grudge for a long time.
Neutral Evil
Current Location
Date of Birth
6th of Aqiel
Year of Birth
1032 IC 253 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.5 meter
78 kg
Known Languages
Speaks Dercian and understands Elvish amoung others.
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