Tales around Mirateia 9

A few days after the wolf attack.   After a week with terrible weather, the weather had finally cleared up and to Azrans amusement after a week with terrible weather and now that it was finally getting better he and Ira were arriving at a small cluster of houses and stores that were targeting the more adventurous part of the population with stores that sold gear to take down some of the beasts roaming in the interior and the middle of these buildings was an inn named The Superb Dragon inn. From the outside, it was a rather lovely building made with timber and bricks build in the southern dwarfish style.   Coming up to the inn, they found a place to park their wagon and put the horses before they walked into the building.   Inside, looking around the two of them was met with a cosy lit room and a smell of something that Azran thought smelled like some boar roast. other than a few of the locals getting their lunch and a beer, there was no one else.   "Well, what can I help you two with?" it came from the middle-aged dwarf coming out from what must be the kitchen, she spoke with a soft voice.   quickly looking at each other as to see who was going to speak first, Azran took a step forward   "Yeah maybe, do you have a room with two beds?"   The innkeeper looked between the two before saying   "Oh, I thought you two were together, hmm well I don't have a room with two beds in it but I do have some spare mattresses that could work I guess?"   "Oh" shorter pause before Azran continued "no, we are not together, not in that way, we only travel together"   The innkeeper raising one of her eyebrows and looked at Ira who did her best not to make eye contact with anyone and had gotten slightly more pink in her face   "I see, my bad, was there anything else I could help you with?" she said with a small smile at the edge of her mouth   " yes, if we could get some fodder for our horses, that would be perfect"   They settled for a total of 7 silver for the things they needed and after having been shown to their room and one of the barmaids had brought an extra mattress, Azran and Ira went back to their wagon to get some of the things that they didn't want to be left unattended in the wagon. Having settled in and a small discussion about who would sleep on the mattress, especially after Azran said that he would take it and Ira claiming that he just did it because of her status, but after some time Azran managed to convince her that it was more a matter that he didn't like this sort of beds since they tended to be too soft.   A few hours later, the two of them were sitting in their room talking when they could hear music and loud shouting coming from down under.   Coming down the stairs, they saw that quite a lot of people had gathered in the inn and someone had brought some instruments and had started playing. Finding a table and ordering some food, doing some small talk with each other and some of those that sat nearby, some were asking where they came from since they didn't recognize them but they seemed to ease up a bit when Azran said they were from Buan, and it was technically not a lie, they had just left his hometown.   At some point when some of the people in the inn began to get up and dance to the music, Ira looked at what was going on and at one point she looked over at Azran who was stirring into the mead he had ordered, with a sly smile, he knew what that smile meant, she was about to drag him into something that he was going to be terrible at.   "Azran?"   "No, Ira" Azran answered, not removing his gaze from the mead.   "Oh, Come on Azran trust me"   "Ira, the last time I trusted you, we ended up leaving the capital in a hurry" Azran said while finally taking his gaze from the mead to look around them to see if anyone was listening in on them didn't look like it, looking back at Ira with a small smile at the edge of his mouth.   "So what is it you want to do this time?"   Ira looked from Azran and out to the people dancing, back to Azran Azran following her he opened up his eyes and began to get a bit pale and shaking his head.   "No, no, no I'm not dancing"   "Come on Azran, don't tell me you are afraid of dancing, you are a legionnaire, you have nothing to fear"   "It's not that Ira"   "Don't tell me that the big and scary legionnaire Azran don't know how to dance?"   "Well it's not like I had the chance of learning much dancing when growing up, you saw my village, not much dancing going on there and the legions are the same"   "come on Azran, I can teach you, and.." Ira looked back out over the people dancing smiling while leaning closer to Azran "It's not like you are going to be worse than those"   Azran sat there for some time, looking around before he finished the rest of his mead in one go, stood up and with a hand towards Ira.   "I'm never going to hear the last of it if I don't do this, so may I have this dance my lady, I do not promise that I'm not going to step on some toes so you are warned"   Ira stood up and walked around the table and took Azrans hand   "Don't worry"   The two of them spend the next hour dancing and otherwise mingling with the locals, Azran did manage to step on Ira's toes a few times but she never mentioned it. From time to time Azran would go back to their table to sit down and get a beer, while he would never tell Ira about it because she would never let him forget it. He did enjoy the time he had to spend dancing even considering he didn't know how to dance properly.

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