Tales around Mirateia 8

"I knew it was a terrible place to stop," Ira said while trying to climb to the roof of the wagon trying to hold them off. At the same time, Azran was coming out of the wagon only managing to grab his chainmail shirt and his sword before storming out.   It was early morning, the sun had yet to rise above the horizon when as the first one Ira was wakened up when their horses sounding scared and uneasy, it was around then that she heard the first of the wolf howls. Ira had quickly woken up Azran and explained the situation whereafter she had grabbed her bow. Before taking up a position, Azran untied the horses and made sure they ran away so that they would not be easy targets for the wolves.   "Ira, you make sure they don't get too close and make sure our back is clear" Azran shouted up to Ira who was already firing her first salvo of four arrows, the first one hitting one of the wolves right in the eye killing it in an instant, the following two arrows either missed hitting a branch near the wolf or hitting the ground near the wolf.   "Got it, I see a total of 6 of these bastards" Ira shouted back " they are coming from the right"   "I see them," Azran said at the same time as one of the wolves rushed towards him going for his throat, missing but the weight of the impact knocked Azran to the ground. Struggling with keeping the wolf from biting his face he suddenly felt the wolf getting still and very heavy, and with some effort, he managed to push it away to the side where he found an arrow in the neck.   "Try and keep up, I'm on two already" it came rather cheerful from Ira.   "I try, but these are some clever ones," Azran said while getting ready for going on the offensive. One of the wolves had separated itself from the rest and Azran moved slowly towards it with his sword at the ready, getting within 20 meters of the wolf it began running towards him but this time he was ready and while the wolf still managed to knock him prone he had managed to place the sword such that the wolf ran into it as it tumbled into Azran.   Seeing their numbers dwindle and having received a few glancing shots that managed to draw blood from Ira, the surviving wolves decided to retreat and lick their wounds.   letting go of the air she had not even noticed that she was holding "phew I thought we would have to kill them all, I'm glad that we didn't" Ira said while giving a hand to help Azran up to the roof, having decided that it was safer up there than down on the ground.   waiting for the next hour to see if the wolves would return and at the same time watching the sunrise over the horizon, they both decided that they better get something to eat before going out looking for their horses.   The next couple of hours were spent searching for the horses while still keeping an eye out for the wolves they knew could still be in the area. During their search they found signs that a group of people had made camp close to their camp not that long ago and given the level of bandits in this area, it only made Azran and Ira more nervous and eager to move on. Luckily their horses had not run that far away and were standing together at a small lake.   Back at their camp.   While Azran was getting their stuff in order and getting the horses ready to pull the wagon, Ira was preparing dinner, she had told Azran that they should eat before they went on the road again. When Azran had finished up prepping the wagon for moving out he had crawled up to the roof to relax a bit. He had not sat there long when Ira came up and sat next to him.   "Hi, I made some rabbit on a stick"   "I'm not hungry"   "It's not for you, this is my food"   "So then why are you telling me?"   "It's called a conversation starter," Ira said mockingly in her most royal sounding voice   "That's a lousy conversation starter Ira"   "Oh really, we are conversing are we not?" Ira said while punching Azran lightly on the shoulder.   Azran looked over at Ira, shaking his head and chuckling. They both sat there for a while longer until they crawled down and Ira made sure that Azran got something to eat before they packed the rest into the wagon and began to move out of the woods they had been camping in.

Cover image: by Gayle Porter Hoskins


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