Tales around Mirateia 7

It had been just over a week since Azran and Ira had left Azrans village and started the next chapter in their adventure.   The weather was absolutely terrible, it had been raining almost nonstop for the last 2 days and there was no taverns or anything for them to search for cover in, so they had seen it necessary to find a small piece of a forest every night where they could camp for the night and have some cover for the rain and curious eyes.   On the second day, it was still raining though less than the day before and there were small periods where the rain would stop before starting again and it was during one of these pauses in between the rain that Ira who for most of this time had been sitting in the cover of the rain inside the wagon opened up to the front where Azran was sitting looking cold, wet and a bit pissed off.   Poking her head out "hey, do you want me to take control for a bit so that you can get back here and get some dry clothes on and something to eat?   Not looking at her, or saying anything, Azran handed her the steering and began to crawl back into the wagon.   Getting into position at the front seat and pulling her hood up to give some protection from the rain, hearing Azran moving around in the back. A few minutes later Ira felt a poke on her shoulder, looking in the direction she saw Azran in some dry clothing with a thicker cape and with some dried meat in his hands, holding it out as for her to take it and after she did he crawled out to sit next to her.   Looking out of the edge of her eye towards Azran "What's wrong Azran? the last few days you have been in a terrible mood, I know the rain does not exactly help but is something on your mind?"   Having known him for a while now she had been able to learn how to read Azran pretty well, and she could see when something was bothering him, she also knew that unless asked he would most likely not tell what it is.   After a moment of silence, Azran sighed heavily and with heavy irony in the voice said "I have just been thinking about how lucky we have been so far"   "what do you mean?"   "I mean I think the rain has been keeping them mostly at their homes and or camps, but this province is known for its bandits and we are only two against I don't know how many"   "Should those bandits not be taken care of by the lord of these lands? Do my father know?"   "yes, they should and are, but the problem is that the terrain and nature of this area suit people who want to stay hidden from the world very well. And to if your father knows? I don't know, I know the people here have been complaining to the lord for a while but I mean I'm just a simple legionary I don't know"     A few hours passed with some small talk between the two and slowly but steady Ira was able to raise Azrans mood     Finally, the rain seemed to have stopped and the sky began to clear, and at the same time, they found a small patch of trees where they could hide the wagon and hopefully get a fire going.   Later that evening, after having eaten the two sat next to each other to keep the warmth Azran ended up falling asleep resting on Iras shoulder   "Sleep well, dumb human," Ira said quietly to herself smiling.     Ira and Azrans wagon

Cover image: by Gayle Porter Hoskins


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