Tales around Mirateia 19

The three of them were watching the emperor leaving the room and the door was closed behind him, leaving them in silence until Eza made a slight cough and gained the attention of both Azran and Ira.   "Eza? Princess?" both Ira and Azran said looking towards Eza who still stood at the door.   Eza began moving towards them with a slight smile, only stopping when she was near the two of them.   "Well, that went better than expected, especially considering you are terrible at hiding your feelings, I'm looking at you, Ira, With that said, as much as I want to be with my sister now that she is back" Eza looked over at Azran and gave him a small nod of approval "although I believe that if any have the right to claim any of your time, its cad... sorry I think you have deserved it by now, it's you Azran," Eza said making eye contact with him. Eza turned towards the door and was about to open it.   "Oh, while I remember it, I want to speak with you Azran, sometime tomorrow," Eza said before leaving through the door leaving Ira and Azran alone.   For what felt like an eternity Azran and Ira stood alone in the room with the only thing making a sound being the wind blowing in the curtains and the sun bathing the entire room in a golden glow from the sun that was about to set beyond the horizon.   Ira was the first to break the silence when she rapidly closed the distance between the two and wrapped her arms around Azran and buried her face in his chest.   "Promise me that we will never be separated ever again," Ira said with her voice muffled.   "I promise" Azran was quiet for a moment before continuing "I can't guarantee that we will always be together, I can promise that I will come back because I will always be by your side when you need it," Azran said in a low voice while stroking Ira's hair gently.   the two of them were quiet for a moment again until Ira loosened her grip.   The two of them stood and talked for some time until Ira suggested that they moved to the couch saying that Azran had to be tired considering the long journey from the south. Sitting down Ira began asking about how Azran survived and when he mentioned that Mara had saved him, she asked if he knew why the goddess would do such a thing to which Azran could only say that she had told him that she knew that the two of them would end up doing great things for the empire. Still, when Ira asked what he thought she meant with that, all he could say was that with Mara no one knew.   The two quickly fell into their old habit of talking, and it wasn't long before they were reminding each other of some of their adventures.   "Azran..." Ira said before slowly trailing off   "yeah? what is it, Ira?" Azran said, setting down the cup he had been sipping off for some time.   "Do you, remember that evening we spent at The Superb Dragon inn?" Ira said with a cheeky glint in her eye, a glint that Azran knew too well   "If you are thinking what I'm thinking " Azran took a deep breath before continuing "Fine, I guess you deserve it, but my warning from then still stands, I might still step on your toes," Azran said before standing up and walking over to Ira, extending his hand towards her before he bowed slightly "May I have this dance, your highness?" Azran said trying to sound as formal as he possibly could and he might have fooled those who didn't know, but having spent months with him at this point and being the person that knew him possibly better than himself, Ira sat there for a moment with her eyes closed, smiling and shaking her head before she opened her eyes again and took his hand.   "It will be an honour," Ira said in an equally joking voice.   While they were slowly moving around the room, dancing to a melody in their heads, they were continuing their previous Smalltalk and this continued for some time until the exhausting hit them both and they sat down on the couch again and while they continued their conversation, the sleep caught up to them, It caught Azran first and while Ira was refilling her cup and then looked back at him, she saw he had fallen asleep. When she saw the sleeping Azran, she stoop up and slowly, making sure not to wake him, she slowly moved him so that he was laying on the couch and making sure he was as comfortable as possible, she went into her bedchamber and brought a pillow for him to sleep on. When Ira had placed the pillow she went back towards her bedchamber but before entering she looked back at Azran.   "Sleep well, dumb human," She said in a soft voice.

Cover image: by Gayle Porter Hoskins


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