Tales around Mirateia 16

The time he woke up, he was laying in a bed with a mattress full of straw just like those he remembered from his hometown and for a moment he thought he was back home in his family's house. He took a deep breath and the smells even felt similar but then some feeling in the back of his head kept growing. Suddenly it all came back to him, the events that had taken place in Emitlestar and his conversation with Mara, he was lying there with his eyes closed just thinking it all over when he was shaken awake by some unknown person.   He opened his eyes and turned to look at who was shaking him and saw that it was Dimia, the young girl who along with her brother had found him almost a month earlier washed up on the river bank. The past month was a bit of a blur for Azran, the first week and a half he had been confined to the bed to let him recover his strength, surprisingly enough he didn't have any big wounds that needed to be tended to but he was told that right next to his right collarbone he did have a nasty scar that he could only assume was from where he was killed.   "Azran, wake up, Grandpa needs your help in the field," Dimia said.   Azran sat up in the bed, pulled a shirt on and walked out towards the fields.   Azran had been helping out the grandad and his two grandchildren to help pay them back for getting him back on his feet, even though they repeatedly said he shouldn't, he insisted saying that by helping them he could also get back in shape so from his point of view it was a win for both parties.   Around midday, the two had completed half their task of ploughing the small field located by the house and decided it was time for some lunch. Leaning against the wall that ran along one of the sides of the field separating it from the small dirt road that connected the family home to the wider road network.   "You seem to have gained most of your strength back the last two weeks, or at least it seems like it, you don't walk around with the same trouble as in the beginning" The granddad chucked at the last part while gesturing towards Azran.   "I also assume you will soon leave, to go looking for that girl of yours?" he continued before taking a bite of a piece of bread with some cheese and a slice of onion.   For some time Azran just sat there thinking about how he was going to answer.   "Yeah, yeah I will... I have to, I promised someone quite special that I would protect her and I intend on doing so" Azran said, taking a bit of his piece of bread.   "I see if you don't mind me asking but how are you planning on finding her again? the empire is a pretty big place after all," the old man said taking a sip of water from a waterskin.   "Heh, that's the easy part, I know that she is in Pearlhal and even if I wanted to I could not miss her house, the hard part is getting there but my first plan is to go back to Emitlestar, back to the inn we stayed at and hope that the innkeeper has not sold our wagon and horses," Azran said chuckling at the beginning but getting serious as he spoke.   The two men returned to their work, continuing their conversation while working and by the time they had finished, it looked like a thunderstorm was about to roll in from the coast, an hour later the family and Azran sat in the living room eating their dinner and listening to the thunder rolling in from the sea. The following day Azran woke up just before dawn and before any of the others had woken up or so he thought, when he had packed the few things he had on his body when he washed up on the river bank a month earlier, he as quiet as he possibly could walk out of the door and was greeted by the old man leaning against the stone wall.   "So you decided to leave without telling anyone?" the old man said in an understanding voice with a hint of being hurt in it.   "yeah, I thought it would be for the best, and to be honest, I have grown to like you three and I'm not good at goodbyes," Azran said turning to face the man.   "I understand, when you find her, send us a letter telling us that everything is good," the old man said walking up to Azran and placing a hand on his shoulder.   Azran nodded "I will" and began walking down the dirt road in the direction of Emitlestar.

Cover image: by Gayle Porter Hoskins


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