Tales around Mirateia 15

The sun had just risen above the horizon and was shining into Ira's room and filling it with light, enough that Ira soon woke up helped by the knocking on the door to her room. For the first few seconds, she was a bit confused as to where she was, not helping that she had had yet another dream of the last time she had seen Azran. It had been 26 days since it happened and she still didn't want to think about it.   Remembering her dream she quickly fell back onto her back having lost all motivation for doing anything and it was only when it knocked on the door again that she finally got out of the bed and looked around to find her robe, looking around and finding it thrown only one of the chairs the night before she went to take it on.   "Why can't they just let me be alone?" Ira growled lowly to herself before getting to the door.   "What do you want?" Ira could hear herself say in a tone so full of anger that it even surprised her.   "Your highness, it's Sergeant Haec, I have a message from Princess Eza asking if you will join her for training today?" The voice on the other side of the door said.   Ira let her head hit the door with a slight dunk, and she could not stop herself from giving a single chuckle, thinking that its only Eza besides herself that would get up this early just for training. Not realizing that she had not yet answered the guard on the other side and had been quiet for a while, she was pulled back to reality when Haec spoke again.   "Shall I just give the usual reply your highness?" Sergeant Haec asked.   "Yes, do that Sergeant," Ira said, still with her head resting against the door "And Sergeant" Ira stopped and placed her hand on the door handle and opened it slightly " Sergeant, tell her that I'm sorry and if she wants she can come by later and I promise to let her in, " Ira said, letting her breath that she didn't realize she had held.   "Of course your highness, I shall do that at once" Sergeant Haec answered.   Sergeant Haec only just managed to bow before Ira closed the door again.   Having closed the door, Ira turned around and leaned against the door where she began sliding down the door, tugging her legs into her chest before letting her head fall onto her arms resting on the knees, a moment later she could feel the tears beginning to roll down her cheek.   Turning away from the closed set of doors and beginning to walk down the halls towards princess Eza´s room to deliver the message, next to Haec walked Nalas, her new partner ever since Azran disappeared and for a short moment Haec thought to herself "Why do I get stuck with the new ones?". Haec was pulled out of her thoughts when Nalas spoke up.   "excuse me sergeant Haec, permission to speak?" Nalas said.   "Sure, what is it?" Haec answered, turning her head slightly towards him.   "I know that I have not been here for long, but do you know why the crown princess is the way she is? before I came here I heard that she was more what do you call it? outgoing I guess, and professional but kind towards the servants including us. Do you know what changed? Nalas asked looking over at Haec   Haec took a deep breath.   "Alright, you know how that some time back the news broke that the princess had been kidnapped while travelling, well that's for all I know true but what those news fails to mention is the faith of her bodyguard, my previous partner and your predecessor but shortly before the princess left for her trip Azran told me that the princess had chosen him as her bodyguard and we are talking about a princess here with no history of having bodyguards. Countless times have rejected the idea and here suddenly she chooses Azran" Haec took another deep breath and adjusted a strap on her armour "then here around two weeks ago she is found, brought back by what I will call some shady looking people working for one of the senators but that's about my paygrade, but what I'm saying is that with the princess choosing a bodyguard combined with the way she arrived back without her bodyguard and the fact that she has since then locking herself in her room, something happened to Azran during their capture and that messed her up" Haec said looking at Nalas.   Before Nalas could answer they were at princess Eza´s room where they delivered the message from Ira to the great surprise of the younger princess.   Later that day, Eza walked to Ira's room where she reluctantly was let in, it was only because she told her she had brought Ira's favourite tea and a reminder that she was invited. After having boiled some water and made a cup of tea, the two sisters sat down on the chairs looking out over Pearlhal.   "So sis, how are you?" Eza asked trying to break the silence that was filling the room.   Ira didn't answer, just kept steering with a spoon in her tea.   Eza let out a heavy breath "I know that you liked the guy but..." Eza was cut off.   "he has a name" Ira almost snarled, finally looking up from her tea and stirring right into the eyes of Eza who were surprised by the sudden outburst from Ira.   "I know and I'm sorry if it came out wrong, but what I was about to say is that I understand that you liked Azran but it would help me to maybe help you if you told me what happened down in Emitlestar," Eza said placing her cup of tea down on the table.   For what felt like an hour Ira just sat there looking at her tea that had gone cold a long time ago, but when Eza stood up and started to walk towards the door. Ira in a voice so faint and yet so full of pain and anger looked up at her sister who stopped when she heard Ira's voice.   "It was a trap the whole time," she said.   When Eza sat down in her chair again, Ira slowly began to speak about how she met Azran and then later about their experiences on their adventure and she told about Azran's little sister who was named after Eza, this got a small chuckle out of them both but they both got serious when Ira got to the part of them entering Emitlestar and Ira began to tell Eza about how they met the Harbour master and the following events, but as the story advanced more and more tears began to roll down Ira's cheeks and she began to sob more and more and by the end, her head was resting on Ezra's shoulder, who had as the story progressed moved closer to Ira.   Later, long after the sun had gone down and Ira had fallen asleep on the couch almost midsentence, Eza walked to the door but before opening it, she turned toward Ira   "Don't worry sis, I'm going to find him"

Cover image: by Gayle Porter Hoskins


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