Tales around Mirateia 10

Waking up from the party last night, Azran made his way down to the main hall of the inn where he ordered some breakfast and some juice. There was not many in the inn at this time of the day, he could maybe count 4 people including the owner, one of them he was not sure if she was one of the barmaids working here or someone from the small collection of houses around the inn.   What must have been an hour later, Azran could hear someone coming down the stairs and looked up to see Ira coming down and Azran thought to himself that she looked like she had just walked through a hurricane, her hair where a mess more than it usually was when they were camping on the road. Having ordered some breakfast for herself, Ira made it to Azrans table where she slumped down on the stool.   "You look like hell" Azran said smiling while pouring some juice for Ira   "yeah I know, been a while since I have slept in a real bed," Ira said while trying to get her hair somewhat under control.   Azran just shook his head, and the two of them continued to eat their breakfast and small talk for the next few hours. They packed their bags and made sure their things were ready for travel before they left the inn to have a look at what the local stores had to offer, maybe there was something they could use.   They walked around for some time looking at the shops, most of the shops were targeting the adventures that came to the area before going further inland. At some point, while looking at some wares, they were approached by some children who asked them who they were and what they were doing here, to where Ira said that they were adventures looking for a good adventure, one of the kids said that he had heard that adventures should all be arrested since they caused nothing but trouble, where to Ira said that maybe he was thinking about bandits and such, but before he could answer one of the younger ones asked.   "Have you ever been arrested?"   Looking a bit surprised but thinking quickly Ira smiling answered "yeah, I was arrested for being too cool"   "Yeah, and the charges were dropped due to a lack of supporting evidence" Azran quickly added holding back a laugh.   If her eyes could kill, Azran would have been dead a long time ago but somehow Ira managed to make her eyes look even more deadly when she turned to look back at him.   What the villagers saw next was one of the two newly arrived strangers chasing the other.   Luckily for Azran that while they both were roughly in equal shape, he did have the advance of having a slightly better endurance when it came to running so he was able to evade Ira for long enough that she gave up chasing him.   Trying to get her breath and smiling all over "Alright, you win"   "Heh, you are not going to hit me, right?" Azran answered leaning over a fence.   "No, of course not you dumb human," Ira said while walking towards Azran placing an arm under his, helping him to stand up.   "Come on, Azran we should get the wagon ready"   The two of them walked back to the inn with some of the villagers looking after them shaking their heads, back at the inn they got one of the boys that worked there to make their wagon ready in half an hour while they got some lunch and Azran brought some dried meat for their reserves. After having finished their lunch of Stewed Sausage and Dried Artichoke with a tankard of Stout, they walked out to their wagon that was waiting ready for the next step of their adventure.

Cover image: by Gayle Porter Hoskins


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